Julie Wurth

Julie Wurth

Chief is gone, but is anybody moving on?

Student referendum attempts to gauge support for retired symbol; some see new mascot as a way to more forward

URBANA — When Chief Illiniwek was officially retired in 2007, only the uninitiated thought the argument was over.

Chief items still available online

Chief Illiniwek fans can still buy merchandise with the Chief logo — officially or unofficially — but sales of such items no longer generates sizable income for the university, figures show.

UI re-examining logos

The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics will be re-examining its logos and "branding" over the next 18 months, though officials say that effort is unrelated to Chief Illiniwek.

Athletics hasn't updated any of its brands since before 2007, "with the Chief or without," said Assistant Athletic Director Marty Kaufmann, who oversees licensing and corporate sponsorships.

Parkland board approves tuition increase

CHAMPAIGN — Parkland College students will pay 5.3 percent more for tuition next term under new rates approved by the school's trustees.

Students get a chance to vote on Chief

URBANA — Six years after Chief Illiniwek's retirement, students continue to argue about the former University of Illinois symbol — and whether the campus needs a new one.

Symbol contest received 45 entries

A contest to find a new symbol for the University of Illinois' Urbana campus brought in 45 entries, which are featured on the sponsor's Facebook page.

The student group Campus Spirit Revival sponsored the contest along with the Illinois Student Senate.

The entries range from the serious and elaborately designed to the apparently tongue-in-cheek (i.e., "Rabid the Squirrel").

Students to vote on Assembly Hall fee

CHAMPAIGN — The University of Illinois is poised to award another contract for the $160 million Assembly Hall renovation even as students prepare to vote on a $50 annual fee that could raise millions for the project.

UI putting out word: Woods at South Race really off-limits

URBANA — The signs may say "no trespassing," but the half-open gates and well-worn trails through this wooded area indicate some people haven't heard.

The forest just west of Meadowbrook Park along South Race Street has been a favorite for runners, dog-walkers and bicyclists for years, officials say.

Banks' settlement will mean $400,000 for UI clinic to help homeowners, tenants

CHAMPAIGN — A government settlement with five of the nation's largest banks over their role in the foreclosure crisis will fund a University of Illinois legal clinic that helps homeowners and tenants affected by foreclosure.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan visited the UI on Tuesday to announce a $403,271 grant to the College of Law's Community Preservation Clinic.

'Geek renaissance' extends to 'bleeks'

URBANA — An urban fashion trend has taken hold among NBA stars, reminiscent of a certain '90s sitcom nerd.

Call it "Urkel" style. Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are sporting suspenders, cardigans, bow ties, even huge glasses.