Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third

THQ hopes Volition's 'Saints Row' boosts holiday sales

CHAMPAIGN — "Saints Row: The Third" — the latest game developed by Volition Inc. — launched this month, and Volition's parent company, THQ Inc., hopes it will boost sales in the all-important holiday period.

The video game is the third installment in the "Saints Row" franchise, which focuses on the Third Street Saints street gang and its fight against other criminal elements.

"Saints Row" returns in excellent, twisted form

The Third Street Saints are back, and they're just as profane, perverted and fun to play with as ever.

The last time we saw them (the end of "Saints Row 2"), they were on top of the world, having climbed a pile of bodies in the city of Stilwater to emerge as masters of all they surveyed.