Stretching Your Dollar

Stretching Your Dollar

Changes in lifestyle make it easier to battle 'I want-itis'

So I mentioned this when I wrote my post about American Girl dolls a while back, but I've been thinking about it more lately.


Brochures from the Urbana Free Library that encourage living frugally

You can find PDFs of brochures the Urbana Free Library distributes, which list resources for living frugally and sustainably.

Couponing Tools with Sarah Holmes

Sarah Holmes talks about the basic tools you'll need to start your couponing journey.

Where did you ride out last night's storm?

OK, so I have to ask – if you're local, where did you ride out last night's tornado sirens?


Lessons learned through American Girl doll ownership

When News-Gazette families columnist and blogger Julie Wurth wrote about her daughter's experiences with American Girl dolls last fall, I fondly recounted my experience as an American Girl doll owner.

The newspaper + coupons = lots of savings, and now a way for you to buy extras

I was so excited to blog about newspapers and coupons today, as well as share with you the content of an ad scheduled for today's paper about coupons.

High hopes for a newly planted garden

Rob and I loaded up on plants yesterday evening and planted our garden.

In the past, my garden has consisted of a couple tomato plants, a couple of peppers and some zucchini.

Looking for practical advice for living on one income

The N-G's somewhat new series, Stretching Your Dollar, got a lot more personal for me last week.