Digital couponing: No need to feel left behind

Shoppers face an array of coupons in electronic form these days: print-at-home coupons, e-coupons that can be loaded to a store's loyalty card and coupon apps for smartphones and tablets. Technology can make it easy to access discounts.

But some shoppers feel that the rise of digital couponing is leaving them behind.

Dear Jill,

Verifying free coupons

Couponing expert Jill Cataldo explains one way to tell a coupon is legitimate.

BOGO and beyond: How to get more for less

Recently, we discussed ways to use buy one, get one free coupons on BOGO sales to achieve maximum savings. Readers popped up with additional questions about these valuable coupons. Listen in and learn how to start saving more.

Dear Jill,

With a BOGO sale, can I use one coupon on each item I'm buying or just on the free one? — Danielle P.

Learning the ABCs of considerate couponing

Dear Jill,

I wish someone would write a "Rules for Couponing" list that definitively says what is right and wrong to do.

Counterfeit coupons: Accidentally on purpose

Dear Jill,

Your article on counterfeit coupons was very eye-opening! I have never bought or sold coupons, but I have a question about improper coupon use.

An out-of-town paper that I read online ran a coupon for a free item. I used the print-screen command and printed out several of the coupons.

Safe stowaways: What and when to stockpile

Dear Jill,

Coupon TV programs usually show the stashes extreme couponers have in their homes. But what is the shelf life for these products?

We're not extreme couponers, but right now we have about 50 bottles of hand soap, 18 bottles of laundry detergent and even more stored away in our home.

'Extreme Couponing': What you don't see on TV

Dear Jill,

Have you seen "Extreme Couponing?" It can't be real, can it? I've never seen so many coupons for free food in my life. On the last episode, two shoppers had more than 700 coupons for free pizza. This is what you should be writing about in your column! — Fascinated Watcher

Dear Watcher,

Super-Couponing: Setting up a coupon wallet

Super-couponing expert Jill Cataldo on how to set up a coupon wallet.

The great rebate debate: Are they worth it?

People assume that because I am an enthusiastic couponer, I also enjoy rebates. Many products offer mail-in rebates that provide significant savings or free products when the rebate check or gift card comes back in the mail.

But I have to confess, I'm not big on rebates. I've always preferred the instant gratification of getting my savings at the register.