Vision Airlines

Vision Airlines

Short-lived Vision Airlines experiment cost UI $117,000

SAVOY — An experiment to bring a discount carrier to Willard Airport cost the University of Illinois about $117,000.

Few people take advantage of Vision Airlines deal at Willard

     Friday is the last day that Vision Airlines will offer non-stop, lower fair air service to Florida through Willard Airport.

     And so far,  the number of people who have taken advantage of the deal isn't as high as officials had hoped.

Vision's final flight just weeks after first

SAVOY — If you want to fly to Florida via Vision Airlines from Willard Airport, your window of opportunity is a narrow one: Dec. 19 to Jan. 6.

After that, the airline has canceled all flights, according to the University of Illinois, which manages the Savoy airport and received confirmation from the company that service will end after Jan. 6.

Vision might not fly here for long

URBANA — If you were planning to book a trip to Florida on Vision Airlines after the first week of January, you may be out of luck.

Apparently the discount carrier has discontinued service to Willard Airport after its Jan. 6 flight.

One passenger inconvenienced by the change is Elizabeth Rockman of Urbana.

Airline offers service between Willard and Fort Myers

SAVOY — Willard Airport will get nonstop air service to the Fort Myers, Fla., area twice a week, beginning Dec. 19.

Vision Airlines will make round trips on Mondays and Fridays through March 31, 2012, using a 150-seat Boeing 737 aircraft, the airline announced Wednesday.