Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Top of the morning, Feb. 16, 2016

I've used this space in the past to remind readers that our newsroom always is open for field trips — and not just from area school kids.

Top of the morning, Feb. 14, 2016

The sign was, well, a sign of how much Champaign’s Warren McIntosh meant to the business he helped run.

Top of the morning, Feb. 13, 2016

The first thing out of Carie Aschinger Arteaga’s mouth when she pulled up to a steer blocking Grand Avenue in St. Joseph earlier this week?

“Holy cow!” she said.

Top of the morning, Feb. 11, 2016

Wanting to appear dapper for his eighth-grade graduation in 1966, Norm Willoughby wandered into Delbert's in Arthur to purchase a suit. Last fall, he returned to the popular clothing story in Arthur.

"I bought my first one there," Willoughby said, "and made sure to buy my last suit, too."

Top of the morning, Feb. 10, 2016

With kids who are 25, 23 and 21 and spread across the Midwest, it's tricky for Jayne and Lyle WachteL to get the family together.

Except, of course, when Mom and Dad call with free Super Bowl tickets.

"It worked out just fine," Lyle said. "It was hard to pass up."

Top of the morning, Feb. 9, 2016

I'd say the Super Bowl party at Prairie Winds in Urbana was a lot better than Sunday's snoozer of a game.

Top of the morning, Feb. 7, 2016

Oakwood has a rooting interest in Super Bowl 50 — and it has nothing to do with Peyton Manning or Cam Newton.

Top of the morning, Feb. 6, 2016

To research his recently released book — "Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Bigfoot" — EIU journalism prof Joe Gisondi accompanied search parties as they canvassed woods, swamps and parks for the hairy giant.

No luck.

"I want to believe," he said, "but like any journalist I need the evidence."

Top of the morning, Feb. 4, 2016

It took a lot of kids — but only one take — for St. Matthew to produce a clever video making the rounds during National Catholic Schools Week.

How'd they do it?

Top of the morning, Feb. 3, 2016

On Wednesdays, we celebrate milestones of all kinds. Something to get you there:

Rosemary Moorman was kind enough to send in her five-generation family picture taken at a Christmas celebration at the Wyndham in Urbana.

My request of the 85-year-old from Tolono: Make sure to mail in the six-generation portrait, too.