Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Rossow: Illinois needs to get over it, get on with it

   INDIANAPOLIS  They could cut their hair in a show of togetherness like Ohio State, but Robert Archibald would rather not foul than lose his curly locks.

Bald proves beautiful for Buckeyes

   INDIANAPOLIS  Ohio State''s strategy session on the eve of its Big Ten tournament opener did not require blackboard or chalk.

   Just a razor.

Rossow: Krupalija glad to finally join in on Illini´s fun


   His coach told him it was OK to play Friday. So did his trainer. It seems the only folks in the Illini camp who were hesitant to give Damir Krupalija the go-ahead against Minnesota were his teammates.

Rossow: Mayhem good test for Illini

   His interview finished, Mike Davis scooted his chair back and began to get up before hesitating.


Williams can´t catch a break

   EVANSTON  Bill Self jokes that he''s making Frank Williams ill with long halftime speeches.

   But really, it''s just short halftimes that are plaguing the Illinois point guard.

Rossow: Illini have revenge in mind

   EVANSTON  Winning at Northwestern, where the basketball team is taking business away from the coffee shops in town, isn''t as easy as it used to be. The Wildcats really would be good if they started dressing  and shooting free throws  like normal basketball players.

UI not amused at sign language

   EAST LANSING, Mich.  Illinois'' jog to its locker room after Tuesday''s game was as hard-fought as its win against Michigan State.

    As the Illini left the court, several students showered them with insults and waved signs that were on display during the game, a 63-61 Illinois win. One that read Lucas is Trash was dangled in front of Brian Cook, who ripped it down.

Rossow: Illini must back up big victory

   EAST LANSING, Mich.  Illinois won Tuesday at Michigan State. What''s next? A winter without snow?

   This will do more for our confidence than any game we''ve played since I''ve been coaching here, Bill Self said after his 45th win at Illinois. Other than postseason, this is the biggest win we''ve had since I''ve been here.

Rossow: Time short but still on Illini´s side

   This much we know after Saturday: If tantrum-throwing were an Olympic sport, Gene Keady would win the gold, silver and bronze.

   If the Orange Krush really wants to help, why stop at shaking the basket? When Indiana visits later this month, go ahead and untie Jared Jeffries'' shoelaces when he isn''t looking.

UI place for Brasic after all

   RIVERSIDE  Before signing with Minnesota or Northern Illinois earlier this week, Tim Brasic decided to phone Illinois coach Ron Turner one last time.

   It''s the best call the record-setting Riverside-Brookfield quarterback ever made.