Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Fumble folly almost costly

   HATTIESBURG, Miss.  Next time, Taman Jordan won''t fire the ball away in disgust. He promises.

   The Illinois sophomore safety made a SportsCenter-worthy blooper in the first quarter of Saturday''s 23-20 loss against Southern Mississippi.

Rossow: Quarterback conundrum is disturbing


   Ron Turner doesn''t know who will start at quarterback against Arkansas State.

Rossow: Nice town, good team, big trouble

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – If we’ve learned anything from the NFL’s infiltration of Champaign, it is the importance of extending courtesy to the folks providing the hospitality.

Even if the beds are short, the curtains are tattered and the coffee cups are Styrofoam.

UI offense buoyed by Lloyd

   ST. LOUIS  Brandon Lloyd knew he was playing with two new quarterbacks, knew there would be first-game jitters and gaps in communication.

   It didn''t change his approach to Saturday''s 33-20 Illinois loss to Missouri. And it didn''t alter his results.

Rossow: Turner has plate piled this week

   ST. LOUIS  Ron Turner wouldn''t say what his plans were for the upcoming week. But after taking in Saturday''s throw-the-remote loss to Missouri, we have a pretty good idea of what''s on the Palm Pilot. Probably something like this:

Rossow: Border War needs time to develop

   ST. LOUIS  The folks who run sports in St. Louis have tried their best to pump some emotion into today''s Illinois-Missouri football game.

   They''ve organized pep rallies for each school. They''ve arranged drink specials on the Landing. They''ve had players pose underneath the Arch. The only surprise is that Ron Turner and Gary Pinkel haven''t been asked to race Clydesdales in front of Busch Stadium or slurp spaghetti together on the Hill.

Johnson headed to Juco

   CHAMPAIGN  Marquis Johnson''s football career at Texas, which was supposed to start Monday, has been put on hold.

   The News-Gazette All-Stater from Centennial failed to qualify academically and will report to Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College next week.

Bad break bad timing for UI coach

   Feeling a bit grumpy today? Mad that the air conditioner''s broken, that the lawn mower won''t start, that the in-laws just completed Week 2 of their scheduled weekend visit?

   Mike Small is here to make you feel better. What happened to the men''s golf coach at Illinois earlier this month should make any of us who are feeling sorry for ourselves straighten up and thank the heavens for electric fans and loyal family.

Centennial lineman commits to Illini

   CHAMPAIGN  Jay Ramshaw''s visit to Notre Dame this week didn''t last as long as scheduled.

   He had business to tend to at Ron Turner''s office.

Rantoul turf gets green thumb´s up

   Went looking for some grass in Rantoul the other day. The legal kind. The green kind. The thick, lush, sturdy-as-U.S. Open rough kind.

   The kind Ron Turner used to have his Illinois football team roll around on until last summer, when a mystery fungus turned what was a fairway at Camp Rantoul into a batter''s box.