Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Ten questions for ... Richard Herman

As usual, Richard Herman will spend Saturday rooting for the Illinois football team. Before the game, however, the Illinois chancellor will be cheered himself as he is recognized as a 2006 recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Eagle Award from the Boy Scouts of America. He joins heavy hitters like Neil Armstrong, Gerald Ford, Bill Bradley and Donald Rumsfeld as some of the best the Boy Scouts have had to offer. Herman took time out from his busy week leading up to Foundation Day to talk to sports editor Jim Rossow about the great outdoors, the new Memorial Stadium and Nancy Cantor.

Freshman kicking himself after error

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Kyle Yelton's worst critic is a freshman who wears No. 37.

"I need to get better," the Illinois punter said.

Rossow: Upon further review

– If you're fed up with football coverage by this point, let me recommend other pages in this section that won't leave you so down in the dumps. Like Loren Tate's basketball column on D-7. Or Jeff Huth's look at 10 Illini you should know on D-11. Or Jeff Mezydlo's thoughts on the Bears on D-10. If you want to know what we were thinking during Saturday's rout at Rutgers, visit our Web site for the blog "Live From Rutgers."

– If you didn't watch or listen and saw the score "Rutgers 33, Illinois 0," there's a chance you might not think it was so bad. Think again. The season's first loss felt more like 66-0. Rutgers was that dominant. And Illinois was that bad. At least Ron Zook said as much afterward.

Big Ten football preview

Jim Rossow's random thoughts:

Rossow: Upon further review

– Illinois won handily. The weather was perfect. And Eric Gordon didn't decommit during a reported weekend visit to Indiana. Overall, a pretty good Saturday for Illinois. But keep in mind Eastern Illinois was missing its head coach and, by the end of the opening kickoff, its best defender.

That's Division I-AA Eastern Illinois. If the Illini score 42 points against Rutgers, it'll mean a bit more.

Big Ten football preview

Jim Rossow's random thoughts:

Ginn's bus tour connecting preps, college coaches

CHAMPAIGN – His son is a Heisman Trophy candidate for a national championship contender. His high school program is regarded as one of the Midwest's best.

Yet Ted Ginn Sr. doesn't want to be known because of his football feats. He wants to be recognized because of his connection to kids.

Crowd starting to form at Savoy

SAVOY –On the day before the UI Open, the most commonly asked question of Mike Wallner usually is "When's my tee time?"

Not this year.

Lama takes over at North Texas State

DENTON, Texas — Sujay Lama, who had coached tennis for 15 consecutive years, was looking forward to taking a year off.

North Texas State athletic director Rick Villarreal, armed with a new tennis complex and a five-year contract, changed his mind.

Rossow: Order him up Olympic gold

Most bartenders at Barfly in downtown Champaign get requests for martinis, cosmopolitans and chardonnay.

Justin Spring gets requests for handstands.