Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Rossow: UI baseball has no room for errors

If it were basketball, Itch Jones wouldn't have to pace so nervously today at Indiana. He could pitch a catcher, put a third-stringer in right and give his No. 9 hitter the green light on 3-0.

But it's baseball, where third place in the Big Ten and a .654 winning percentage don't necessarily mean an NCAA tournament berth. That means Jason Anderson's starting, reserves aren't budging and the cleanup hitter is happy with a walk.

She's on the short list

Somewhere out there, a first-grade photo of Parkland College's Jodi James lies hidden away.

"I had a black eye right before picture day," she said.

Rossow: Illini long on praise for Shorty

Shorty Eichelberger got off easy last weekend. All she had to do was hold a shovel and smile for the cameras.

But the next time Illinois salutes the Champaign woman for her family's seven-figure gift to build the university's snazzy softball complex – probably at next season's home opener – the ceremony will require much more.

Driscoll demonstrates ''peaceful confidence''

BOSTON – The Boston Marathon and all its pressure doesn't cause Jean Driscoll's nerves to shift into overdrive.

Singing in front of an audience of professionals does. That's why she hopes her appearance at Wednesday's Gospel Music Association conference in Nashville, Tenn., is speaking only, like the promoters promised when they booked her.

Driscoll wants one for books

BOSTON – Jean Driscoll's desire for a Boston Marathon title never has been so strong. Yet there's a member of her considerable traveling party who's pulling even harder for win No. 8 on Monday.

Her biographer.

"What a wonderful story line that'd be," Driscoll said. "Win No. 7, then crash, then lose the next two by less than a second, then come back and win No. 8 for the record. Try to top that story line."

Small new Illini golf coach

CHAMPAIGN – Mike Small said it'd take something special to make him step away from professional golf.

The head coaching position at Illinois met his requirements.

Rossow: UI assistant puts his job on the line

He just got promoted, has age and guile on his side and is producing pro-caliber linemen by the minute.

But Harry Hiestand, as strong a candidate as there is to become a head football coach, isn't doing cartwheels down Kirby Avenue. Maybe when he becomes the best coach in his own house he'll cut loose.

Rossow: Most wanted list  eggs, bacon

You know it's time to leave town when you can't order eggs over easy and toast without first being frisked.

Winston-Salem's a fine place. It has 74 parks, 40 soccer fields, 107 tennis courts, 20 fitness trails, two lakes and 1,768 pawn shops (the last number's a big exaggerated). Its cost of living is the state's third-lowest, it has a high AAA rating and most of its roads are paved. Folks here smile a lot and have good manners, using both blinkers and spittoons.

Early fouls put a clamp on Williams

   WINSTON-SALEM,N.C.  Every time Frank Williams looked at the scoreboard, his foul count and Florida''s lead kept growing.

   What a coincidence.

Gators mimic Johnson

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – He'd seen how Lucas Johnson had rattled his teammates early in the game, so Teddy Dupay thought he'd give it a whirl, too.

The pint-sized Gator stood at halfcourt, waited for Johnson to plow into him and then flailed his arms until the whistle blew.