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Futility streaks continue

   CHAMPAIGN  Garrett Johnson says he can go a day''s worth of classes without being ribbed about his team''s losing streak.

   Garrett Johnson stands 6-foot-3, weighs 283 pounds and has forearms that resemble tree trunks.

   "Maybe that''s why nobody really says anything to me about it," the University of Illinois defensive tackle said. "Seriously, it''s rough on everybody."

Rossow: Losing all in the mind

What this team needs, after 10 straight losses and before it plays the second-best team in the land, is not another quarterback change. Or a coaching change. Or a change of uniforms.

What Illinois needs is someone who can clear its mind of past failures, someone who can wipe all the smashed bugs off the windshield.

Rossow: Inept Illini should be no surprise

IOWA CITY, Iowa – The question that now needs to be asked, after 10 consecutive losses to competition both ranked and rank, is this:

Why be surprised?

Natives restless vs. UI

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Add Eric Thigpen to the "Hawkeyes who have a bone to pick with Lou Tepper" list.

The junior safety from Dolton said the only regret he had Saturday was "not getting to play against (Tepper) and beat him," Thigpen said. "I guess he snuck out on us."

Hawkeyes settle for ''ugly'' victory

IOWA CITY, Iowa – The coach spoke in somber tones, complaining about his team's breakdowns on pass protection and calling the 191-yard rushing performance by his tailback "mediocre."

The star quarterback said his team's effort was "ugly" and that, in order to win next week, improvement had to be made.

Rossow: Iowa model might work at Illinois

IOWA CITY, Iowa – If there's time after today's game, Ron Turner should slip over to Hayden Fry's office and ask to borrow his recipe. The one for well-done football.

Rossow: Something good could still happen

Women's basketball coach Theresa Grentz showed perfect technique in taking down Godzilla during an amusing halftime show Saturday. She squared her shoulders, kept her head up and wrapped the furry creature with both arms until it cried uncle. Butkus would have been proud.

But Grentz is not eligible to suit up for Ron Turner's football team. That eliminates one way to salvage this season.

Quarterback situation remains UI mystery

CHAMPAIGN – As good as friends as they are, Mark Hoekstra and Tim Lavery would rather not work side by side.

At least not in the University of Illinois backfield. Both quarterbacks prefer starting and finishing with no breaks in between.

UIs Turner wont bow to pressure

   Go ahead, holler at him today until your tonsils sting.

   Tell Ron Turner to round up every receiver on campus and send em out on patterns like Joe Tiller does at Purdue. If it worked against Notre Dame, why not Washington State?

Rossow: Illinois still stuck on life support

   LOUISVILLE, Ky.  Turns out Illinois was telling the truth all along. That line about things getting worse before they got better.

   Well, Saturday was worse.

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