Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Bad break bad timing for UI coach

   Feeling a bit grumpy today? Mad that the air conditioner''s broken, that the lawn mower won''t start, that the in-laws just completed Week 2 of their scheduled weekend visit?

   Mike Small is here to make you feel better. What happened to the men''s golf coach at Illinois earlier this month should make any of us who are feeling sorry for ourselves straighten up and thank the heavens for electric fans and loyal family.

Centennial lineman commits to Illini

   CHAMPAIGN  Jay Ramshaw''s visit to Notre Dame this week didn''t last as long as scheduled.

   He had business to tend to at Ron Turner''s office.

Rantoul turf gets green thumb´s up

   Went looking for some grass in Rantoul the other day. The legal kind. The green kind. The thick, lush, sturdy-as-U.S. Open rough kind.

   The kind Ron Turner used to have his Illinois football team roll around on until last summer, when a mystery fungus turned what was a fairway at Camp Rantoul into a batter''s box.

Rossow: He´s fallen, but ex-Illini can get up

   There will be times tonight when Nick Anderson feels like picking up a cow bell and ringing it until Mark Cuban complains, like any good Sacramento Kings fan would.

   And there will be times he feels like chucking that same cow bell at the TV set in his Orlando, Fla., den, like any frustrated former King would.

Rossow: If UI tennis wins, grin and bare it

   The question isn''t whether Illinois can win a national championship in men''s tennis. With so many top-of-the-line players on his roster and more on the way, Craig Tiley will do it someday soon, maybe this week in College Station, Texas.

   The question is what to do when the Illini pull it off. How exactly does one celebrate an NCAA title in a college sport so seldomly recognized?

Rossow: Assembly Hall renovation gains steam

   There are architectural types who would slug you in the knee with a T square if you told them the Assembly Hall is an outdated, out-of-touch place for basketball.

   And there are basketball fans who would wear an orange wig to every game if it meant never having to trudge to C Section or wait in a long-as-a-graduation speech restroom line again.

UI´s Lackey meets goal until the last second

   ALBANY, N.Y.  Matt Lackey usually takes a few weeks off after each wrestling season.

   But don''t be surprised to see the Illini junior in the gym Monday morning.

Lockhart finishes in style

   ALBANY, N.Y.  John Lockhart didn''t repeat as an NCAA champion. He did close his college wrestling career with a win, though.

   Showing resolve and overcoming a rash of injuries, the Illinois senior capped a long and winding run through the consolation bracket by placing third in the heavyweight division Saturday.

Fisher, Aztecs up for a test

   Coming up with a game plan to beat fourth-seeded Illinois will test Steve Fisher''s coaching ability.

   Coming up with enough tickets for family and friends for Friday''s NCAA tournament opener in Chicago will test his patience.

Rossow: Illinois needs to get over it, get on with it

   INDIANAPOLIS  They could cut their hair in a show of togetherness like Ohio State, but Robert Archibald would rather not foul than lose his curly locks.