Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Rossow: Do-everything Illini freshman owed a salute

   EVANSTON  He carries the football all afternoon long and never fumbles.

   He catches passes. He returns kickoffs. He fields punts.

   For all we know, he showed the Illinois bus driver a shortcut through Chicago traffic on the way out of town Saturday night.

Rossow: Progress imperative for Illinois

   EVANSTON  As football outsiders, we''re often confused when a coach hints of progress after a lopsided loss.

   Maybe he''s seeing something on film that we missed in person.

Rossow: Hall of Famer sorry to see UI in sad state

   CHAMPAIGN  The golf was great, the banquet was fantastic and, boy, seeing all those NBA championship rings on Johnny "Red" Kerr''s fingers was out of this world.

   There only was one downside to the weekend for Al Brosky.

Situation at Illinois not all bad

Cheer up.

We know all the losses, the incomplete passes, the court appearances and the small crowds may have you down about Illinois football.

Rossow: Late letdown a warning sign for all involved

CHAMPAIGN – Steve Havard's idea isn't all that bad.

Round up the players, tell the coaches to get lost, lock the door and find out exactly who wants to play football at Illinois. Yell a little, scream a lot, kick the trash can, clear the air. Do it as soon as possible, before another losing streak gains steam.

UI schedule could use some pizazz

Louisville's fine for a horse race. Or minor league baseball. Or a boxing match for that matter, what with Muhammad Ali growing up there.

But football?

Rossow: Star report portrays Illini as promising

   CHAMPAIGN  We hereby submit substantial and credible information that Illinois football team committed acts Saturday night at Memorial Stadium that may constitute grounds for optimism.

Rossow: All pressure on Illinois to deliver

For Illinois, there are worse things than losing to Middle Tennessee State.

A letter of inquiry comes to mind. So does Digger Phelps as your commencement speaker. How about Marcus Griffin committing to Iowa the second time around?

That's about it.

Rossow: Next UI win deserves celebration

Used to be Illinois players and coaches sang "Illinois Loyalty" in the privacy of their locker room after winning a football game.

Now it's clear the Illini and their fans must do more. When you go 700 days without a win – the two-year anniversary of the Indiana game is a month away – an off-key rendition of a fight song won't cut it. Unless, of course, the student body sings it in the back yard of the president's house. Ten times. Starting at midnight.

Rossow: UI secrecy could mean excitement

Love to give you an update on Illinois football, but with practices now held in secret it's hard.

We know the Illini stretch well, probably better than any other team in the Big Ten. Many touch their toes without bending a knee.