Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Rossow: NFL pitch to be made by Rantoul

If Indianapolis or St. Louis or some other National Football League team ever needs a new preseason home, there's one nearby.

Just follow the balloons.

Rossow: UI's Rocky not pulling any punches

If it takes a trip to the meat locker or a glass of eggs for breakfast to make sure people call him by his preferred first name, Rausell Harvey will do it.

Rocky's an accommodating type.

Rossow: Balloons get the nod in Rantoul

RANTOUL – Balloons or football? Hot air or, well, hot air?

These are the choices folks around here have to make next month when both the U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championships and the Illinois football team invade town for the first time.

Rossow: UI recruit has hurdle to get over

There isn't a tailback in the state with niftier moves than Bolingbrook's Antoineo Harris, one of Ron Turner's marquee recruits.

Whether he can juke the NCAA Clearinghouse is another matter.

Retirement still on hold for Henson

He should be on the golf course, maybe on a tour of Europe, at least in the back yard sipping iced tea while the grandkids play.

But here's Lou Henson, sitting uncomfortably on metal bleachers with a pen and a notebook, watching a bunch of teen-agers run up and down a basketball court in the middle of Indianapolis, surrounded by slick-haired coaches half his age.

ROSSOW: UI recruit likes life in spotlight

INDIANAPOLIS – So many college coaches, so many questions. All at the Nike All-America Camp.

How could Jerrance Howard go without a field goal in his last two high school games as a junior?

International opportunity awaits Garris

CHICAGO – It's about time Kiwane Garris caught a break from the National Basketball Association.

The league which didn't draft him out of college and didn't keep him around after a stint with the Denver Nuggets has given the former Illini a chance to play for the U.S. world championship team.

Rossow: Champaign has right sports idea

So the golf programs need some work.

And you need a 3-wood to reach center court from the faraway C Section seats at the Assembly Hall.

And the crowds at Krannert Center have been bigger than the crowds at Memorial Stadium.

And rowdier, too.

Illini facing long road to recovery

Naeshall Menard seemed perfectly content. He was a promising center with a bright future for a nationally ranked football program at Louisiana State.

But one morning last spring, the sophomore drove his Chevrolet to a levee on the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, locked the doors and loaded a shotgun.

UI's Hestertakes aim at long shot

It's unlikely Jerry Hester will be drafted Wednesday night, which is a shame. The kid's been practicing for his big night for who knows how long.

He knows how to act (cool). He knows how to dress (sharp). He knows whose hand to shake (the commissioner's). And he knows who to thank (Mom and Dad).