Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow


   So Gene Keady has to share some fans with the football team for a change.

   That doesn''t bother the cranky tactician as much as finishing second in the Big Ten race, as the Boilermakers uncharacteristically did a year ago.

Hamdorf right on Q

   CHAMPAIGN  Not all quarterback shuffles result in disaster. Only at Illinois, it seems.

   At Northwestern, a switch behind center actually paid off.

Wildcats take trophy back, back, back

   CHAMPAIGN  At least they waited until after the game.

   As much as Illinois has struggled this season, Northwestern might have been tempted to hand out the T-shirts reading "Back to Back to Back, Sweet Sioux Stays" before kickoff.

Rossow: UI progress won''t occur overnight

   We know Tim Lavery''s going to start at quarterback the final three games. Ron Turner has told us so.

   That''s one of the few certains of Illinois football, which today tries to end its 14-game losing streak.

Rossow: Oh-fer crying out loud

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The first hint slipped out at Louisville, where Illinois fumbled away a winnable game against what turned out to be a lousy team.

The next clue surfaced at Iowa, where Illinois showed up void of energy and emotion despite the presence of a fierce rival and its foul-mouthed fans.

Indiana, fans happy to post victory

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – For a change, Indiana's concerns did not center on defense, offense or special teams, all three trouble spots in games past.

What the Hoosiers were worried about after Saturday's last-place bout with Illinois was this:

Rodgers rediscovers touch against Illini

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Jay Rodgers doesn't not lack confidence.

Still, the former Champaign resident was wondering what went wrong in his two starts leading up to Saturday's game against Illinois.

Rossow: Troubled Michigan has motive

CHICAGO – It's become clear Michigan basketball needs incentive like it does high tops (Nike, of course). Without either, the Wolverines and all their talent don't amount to much on the court.

Remember their half-hearted effort at the Assembly Hall in March?

Johnson ready, unable

   CHAMPAIGN  The night before games, Kirk Johnson is flawless.

   Of all the quarterbacks on the University of Illinois football team, Johnson handles coach Ron Turner''s pregame pop quiz with the most ease.

Rossow: Turnaround is a time to savor

   There is, of course, a plus side to all this losing. You just have to sift through the debris to find it.