Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

We're just out yonderin' around


Maybe it's just me, but when I'm asked directions, I tend to go with street names or landmarks.

Here the standard answer seems to be "down yonder," which I've discovered can mean head north or head south or take a left at the gun shop and a right at the Shoney's (which can be quite confusing considering North Carolina law requires one Shoney's every two blocks).

Kruger faces Florida

   WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.  One current Florida Gator was recruited by Lon Kruger (Kenyan Weaks). Another has met the man (Teddy Dupay).

   The rest of them won''t have any funny feelings whatsoever Sunday when the Gators take on former Florida coach Lon Kruger.

Poison (for) Penn

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The guest registry indicates Rod Cardinal has a room to himself at the Holiday Inn.

The longtime Illinois trainer knows better. As long as Marcus Griffin's left knee requires attention, he's going to have company.

Can we get a spot in non-smoking?


We've been here for less than a day, and already I have a question for the folks back home.

Anybody have a light?

Judson finalist for job

   WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.  Lon Kruger, who already lost one assistant this week, soon could have another opening to fill.

   Assistant coach Rob Judson is in the running for the head coaching job at Eastern Michigan. He is expected to interview next week on campus.

Assistance required at Illinois


The second Illinois loses, Lon Kruger loses an assistant.

And Western Michigan loses its best marketing tool.

UI's McCollum lands job as head coach at Western Michigan

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Robert McCullum has more than the NCAA tournament on his mind.

The Illinois assistant today was named head coach at Western Michigan, replacing Bob Donewald. It is the first head coaching job for McCullum, who has been at Lon Kruger's side since 1990.

Bradford bloodied, but not bowed

   CHICAGO  He may have to wear one of those funny-looking masks on national television Friday. And there''s no telling how many nose jokes he''ll hear from teammates between now and then.

   But Cory Bradford''s good looks weren''t among his worries Sunday after finding out he had a broken nose.

Great matchups await if Illinois survives Penn

CHICAGO – Before we dig up those Lon-Kruger-at-Florida stories or revisit the dislike between Illinois and DePaul or study the invincibility of Duke – all inviting NCAA tournament angles – Lucas Johnson would like to remind us of a four-letter word to calm the nerves:

"Penn," he said.

Point guard comes in loud, clear to Illini

CHICAGO – The best sign isn't if his first shot goes in, if his first pass reaches its target, if his first drive to the basket results in free throws.

The surest way to determine if Frank Williams is going to play to his endless potential is watching the freshman's mouth.