Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Next Illini stop: Connecticut

   CHAMPAIGN  Amid the high-fives and hugs that accompanied Sunday''s win over Duke, Theresa Grentz played it remarkably cool.

   Connecticut can do that to a coach.

Next step a high one for Illinois

Expectations, Lou Henson will tell you, can be bad for the back.

They're that heavy.

In 1980, Henson was hailed for getting the Illini into the NIT.

In 1996, Henson was hollered at for getting the Illini into the NIT.

Benion wrestles to Big Ten title

   MINNEAPOLIS  Ernest Benion won his first Big Ten Conference championship on Sunday. Then his teammates celebrated it.

   "The team was on fire, they ignited," Illinois assistant wrestling coach Steve Marianetti said. "We''ve seen him come so close before but he was never able to get over the hump. He finally did it."

Tournament a sore spot for Big Ten

Perhaps the Big Ten's problem is too much promotion, not enough production.

The league worries too much about how many teams it can get in the NCAA tournament, not how those teams fare.

UI senior going out with smile

He cannot fool his teammates, no matter how many forearm shivers he delivers in practice, no matter how many times he gets in their face and yells words he'd never use in public.

Herb Caldwell is not a menace. It's not in his nature.

Freshman takes Michigan''s best shot

CHAMPAIGN – Sorry, Robert Traylor.

Your waistline may rank No. 1 in the Big Ten, but your elbows are nothing special.

Crowd tells Michigan where to go

   CHAMPAIGN  The chants started late in the second half Sunday from the Assembly Hall crowd: "NIT. NIT."

   It wasn''t the fans'' tournament choice for the University of Illinois. They were suggesting a destination for the visiting Michigan Wolverines.

Assistants out of luck in Big Ten

   Robert McCullum will one day be a head coach. It is what the Illinois mens basketball assistant wants to do.

   Not at Northwestern, though. The schools athletic director made it clear on Day 1 of his search that Ricky Byrdsongs replacement will not be a first-time coach. He will be a head coach from another school.

NCAA could make stop at Illinois

This weekend, it's Purdue at the Assembly Hall.

Next month, maybe the NCAA tournament.

Next century, maybe an NCAA regional.

Rossow: Scheduling a hot item for Big Ten

   Hope you took a close look at Michigan State Saturday at the Assembly Hall.

   The Spartans may not be back for a while.