Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Illini's take on Wrigley's new bleachers

Former Orange Krush president and UI grad Ryan Gant spent Monday night in Wrigley Field’s left field bleachers, which were open for the first time. Here’s his take:


Faces of the fall, winter and spring

Each school year, we extend invitations to the best and brightest high school student-athletes for Picture Days at The News-Gazette. Each school year, we're amazed by the response.

Top of the morning, May 12, 2015

Watching our SCOTT RICHEY's video of BRUCE RAUNER's ceremonial pitch before Sunday's Illinois-Rutgers college baseball game — available at IlliniHQ.com — it's clear the governor has an arm.

Top of the morning, May 10, 2015

Until a few weeks ago, Champaign's KRISTA PETERSON figured she'd spend July 4th like she always does, hanging with friends and her kids, TAYLEN and KIERYN, "sweating through the parade and getting eaten by skeeters at the fireworks."

Top of the morning, May 9, 2015

As a 19-year veteran with the U.S. Marine Band, Master Gunnery Sgt. John Mula has played his clarinet for three presidents.

Yet it was last week's appearance on David Letterman that had the '81 Monticello High and '86 University of Illinois grad shaking in his Dinkles.

Top of the morning, May 7, 2015

— I had the pleasure to interact with a lively Monticello Rotary crowd Wednesday. My next stop: Arthur in early June.

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Top of the morning, May 5, 2015

On Monday, we unveiled our latest website addition: Online editor Mike Howie's "Where Am I?" video.

Top of the morning, May 3, 2015

Weather got the best of last weekend's marathon. As it looks now, Memorial Stadium will be a much happier place for the UI's outdoor graduation in two weeks.

"At a meeting earlier this week, I was told the forecast was 85 and sunny, which sounds lovely," said Laura Wilhelm-Barr, the director of special events for the chancellor's office.

And if things change?

Top of the morning, May 2, 2015

JOE DART watched Tuesday's practice sessions while seated on new bleachers, in between state-of-the-art dugouts, a stone's throw from an accessible playground and just below a sign installed in December proclaiming "Home of The Tom Jones Challenger League."

"It looks great," he said. "We've come a long way."

Top of the morning, April 30, 2015

If Champaign's Chuck Young had his druthers, he'd simply drive his 11-ton tank to Kennekuk County Park for this weekend's World War II Rememberance Days.

"It'd be fun to get on the Interstate and just go," Young said. "But I might cause some traffic jams."