All small-space living Content

All small-space living Content

Several different ways to store a growing yarn collection

I keep swearing that I'm not going to blog much about crochet, and then blogging about it anyway. But this topic is at least a little more general. I'm pretty sure I'm at the beginning of a yarn habit, and wondering how to store that yarn.

Buying an adorable metal miniature filing cabinet - and a reminder not to let my stuff own me

Reading this story about Americans and their stuff made me want to go home yesterday and find more items to donate to thrift stores.

Shelf shuffle: reorganizing, redecorating shelves a fun Sunday project

When we decided to put up a barn door in our cramped hallway, we ended up taking down three shelves that formerly occup

Saving space with a wall-mounted TV and DVD collection

Rob and I are always looking for ways to save space in our tiny house, and we recently decided to wall-mount our TV.

We also wanted to put our DVD player and DVD collection on the wall as well to maximize our space savings.

Finding space for my mixer

When I asked for tips regarding my stand mixer, readers provided lots of good advice. I got so much feedback, in fact, that we may do a story about the versatility of stand mixers.

Ditching the dresser - would it work?

The other day, I had a truly radical thought: do I really need a dresser?

Digging up more information about interior barn door

Rob and I have been throwing around the idea of installing our bathroom door on a barn door track, but I have so many questions.

Shut the barn door ... to the bathroom

I was searching the Internet to show my sister photos of interior barn doors because I think they're a cool design element. (I'd mentioned them in passing and she had no idea what I was talking about.)