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Every class should read 'Wonder'

"Wonder" (Knopf 2012) by R.J. Palacio is the story of August, who has a radically deformed face — no ears, his eyes at cheek level, a cleft palate that has required numerous surgeries. He's smart and funny, but you can almost imagine the torture he endures from children and adults both, especially when he starts school for the first time in the fifth grade.

C-U Haiku Feb. 3, 2012

Crystal tips,

Branches shimmering,

Sun diamonds in my tree.

— Shirley Thompson,


Story stresses the importance of friendships

In her Jan. 20 column, my co-worker Kasia Hopkins mentioned a significant occupational hazard that many librarians face: We have a general inclination toward reading a greater number of new books than older ones.

A stellar read - or listen

I hadn't originally intended to write a review of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" (Dutton Juvenile, 2012). Not because I don't adore Green (I do) or his books (ditto), several of which I've reviewed for this paper. But I like to spread the love to authors who might not have received the attention they deserve. Green's fans, aka nerdfighters, are legion.

Ludlow author's perseverance pays off

Ludlow resident Lynn Crandall is celebrating the release of her romantic suspense novel, "Dancing with Detective Danger."

"The publisher made that call for my book," Crandall said of the category romantic suspense, "because the pace is pretty fast and there is danger and urgency to solve puzzles — along with the development of the relationship between the main characters.

Ted Kooser: American life in poetry Feb. 3, 2013

If you've followed this column through a good part of the seven years we've been publishing it, you know how hooked I am on poems that take a close look at the ordinary world.

Here's a fine poem by Eamon Grennan, who lives in New York state, about bees caught up against a closed window.

Up Against It

It's the way they cannot understand the window

Margo Dill: 'Time Keeper' not in the same league with 'Tuesdays'

Mitch Albom, once a sports writer and now international bestselling author thanks to the popular and heartwarming "Tuesdays with Morrie," has a new fiction novel out: "The Time Keeper." The cover states that it's a "compelling fable about the first man to count the hours. The man who became Father Time."

Ted Kooser: American life in poetry Jan. 27, 2013

It's wonderful when a very young person discovers the pleasures of poetry and gives it a try. Here's a poem by first-grader Andrew Jones of Ferndale, Wash., who, if we're lucky, will go on to write poems the rest of his life.

The Softest Word

The softest word is leaf

it zigzags

in the air and

falls on the yellow ground

Between the stacks: You'll be drawn to these books

I must admit, I am a doodler. Not just occasionally. I doodle while on the phone, watching TV and listening to music. If I'm out for lunch, I doodle on the paper place mats or napkins.

C-U Haiku Jan. 27, 2013

Snowflakes floating down,

accompanied by the soft sounds

of honking geese.

— Pat Gallahue, Rantoul