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Halpern's latest book is laugh-out-loud funny

Justin Halpern might not be a household name. But most of you have probably heard of the book, canceled TV show starring William Shatner or the Twitter account that started it all: —— My Dad Says.

Southern gothic fantasy coming to big screen

I always prefer to read the book before seeing the movie. I think it's more fun to imagine what the characters look like before some casting directors do it for me. If the filmmakers do a good job of bringing the book to the big screen, it adds to the fun. Harry Potter, anyone?

Allerton library district purchases land

MONTICELLO — The library district's three-year search for land ended last month when library trustees bought a 10.98-acre piece of property on the west edge of town. The plot, at 4000 Green Apple Lane and formerly owned by the Carle Foundation, was purchased for $250,000.

C-U Haiku Jan. 6, 2013

want a ride?

we are southbound,

say the geese

— Hiroko Schatz, Urbana

Printed books carry a lot of fond memories

In the age of eReaders, tablets, smart phones and quicker Internet access, people across the globe have started discussions about the impending death of the book. We've already seen the decline for print editions of certain newspapers and magazines. Newsweek just made the switch to digital only, and some new books are being published solely in eBook format.

Ted Kooser: American life in poetry Jan. 6, 2013

Another winter is upon us, and Barton Sutter, a poet who lives in Duluth, knows all about cold and snow. Here's a preview to get us thinking about what's in store for us.

A Little Shiver

After the news, the forecaster crowed

With excitement about his bad tidings:

Eighteen inches of snow! Take cover!

A little shiver ran through the community.

Books for kids: New picture books offer some worldly enlightenment

In honor of a new year, I've chosen two new picture books that can help young readers (and maybe the rest of us) see the world in a new way:

'Walter & Me' spends too much time on brother, not enough on Sweetness

Now that we are in 2013 and the holiday busyness is over, many people turn to the exciting sport of football to get through the cold month of January. Sundays are spent watching playoff games and hoping that your team makes it to the Super Bowl.

UI history professor to discuss, sign new book in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — Author Bruce Levine, a history professor at the University of Illinois, will discuss his book "The Fall of the House of Dixie: The Civil War and the Social Revolution that Transformed the South" on Jan. 9.

Margo Dill: Author's latest another good laugh at life

Lela Davidson is funny. With her humor, she gives parenting and marriage a whole new and refreshing twist.

She's at it again with her latest book of hilarious, parenting essays in the book, "Who Peed On My Yoga Mat?" This is a sequel of sorts to her award-winning "Blacklisted from the PTA," which won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Humor.