Alert credit union employees foil theft

URBANA — Veteran banker Greg Anderson hopes that customers understand when they are asked for identification, it’s merely his employees’ way of trying to protect their assets.

Alert colleagues of his who did that last week prevented thousands of dollars from going out the door of the University of Illinois Community Credit Union.

10 area banks up, 7 down in ratings

Ten banks in East Central Illinois were upgraded and seven were downgraded from a year ago in the latest ratings from BauerFinancial, based on data from the financial quarter that ended Sept. 30.

Three credit unions see ratings downgrade

Three credit unions in East Central Illinois were downgraded in the latest ratings from BauerFinancial compared to a year ago, based on data from the financial quarter that ended Sept. 30.

Central Illinois Credit Union (Champaign) was downgraded from a 5-star ("superior) rating a year ago to a 4-star ("excellent") rating in the most recent quarter.

Banks seeing less foot traffic

When almost everything can be purchased without ever stepping foot in a store, Dave Denzer still relies on his kids to buy things like tickets online.

And the Depot Barber Shop partner still does all his banking in person.

"I don't do any online banking. I'm 74 years old," Denzer said. "It's just handy for me on the way home."

'He is sending the bank to help us out'

CHAMPAIGN — Sophia Hickman wasn't exactly sure where the stuff of Christmas was going to come from this year. She just knew that it would.

Widowed a mere 10 weeks ago, the 36-year-old Champaign woman is managing alone the blended family that she and Robert Hickman Jr. had shepherded together during their almost-11-year marriage.

Nonprofit microloan provider offers Champaign a 'gift' deal

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign City Council received a present during its last meeting before a holiday recess — a potential partnership with nonprofit organization Justine Petersen to help small businesses and low- to moderate-income individuals gain capital through microlending.

Jim Dey: Bank-fraud case endures third delay

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

That was the theme Monday at the federal courthouse in Urbana, where U.S. Judge Colin Bruce for the third time delayed a scheduled sentencing hearing for a Champaign landlord who pleaded guilty to defrauding an area bank.

John Roska: Illinois Employers mostly can't check applicants' credit

Q: Can an employer check my credit report when I apply for a job?

A: In general, no. Some employers can, but most are prohibited from using credit reports or credit histories for any reason.

This requires looking at both federal and Illinois law. And because state law protects consumers more than the federal law, the state law applies.

Busey, Pulaski set to relaunch as single bank

CHAMPAIGN — Six months after their parent companies signed the merger contracts, Busey Bank and St. Louis-based Pulaski Bank are nearly ready to relaunch as one larger banking company.

All 13 Pulaski banking offices in the St. Louis area are set to become Busey banking offices Nov. 5.

Jim Dey: Local landlord facing prison after defrauding bank

In 2007, Champaign landlord and architect Gene "G.T." Hardwick borrowed $3.9 million from Longview State Bank to build a 64-unit apartment building at 611 E. Park St., C.

About two years later, an FDIC bank examiner reviewing the bank's loan portfolio followed up by driving to the address to see what was up.