Gimme five: Greatest living author?

With Maya Angelou's passing, we wondered who now holds the title of greatest living author. Who better to cast an expert vote than local librarians?


Devin Black of the Tuscola Public Library says: "His writing ranges from the violent to the beautiful and I can only describe it as overwhelming."


Readers will be glued to author's debut novel

M.D. Waters' debut novel is full of intrigue, romance and deceit, set in a future dystopian world where women, especially fertile women, are a shortage, and scientists are trying to solve the problem.

"Archetype" is a fast-paced, exciting novel that readers will devour, sometimes in one day, while they race with the main character, Emma, to figure out what is real and what is not.

Ted Kooser: An American life in poetry, June 1, 2014

By Ted Kooser/U.S. Poet Laurete 2004-06

The Impressionists, on both sides of the Atlantic, gave us a number of handsome paintings of rural scenes, and here's a poem by the distinguished American poet, Catharine Savage Brosman, that offers us just such a picture, not in pigments but in words.

Cattle Fording Tarryall Creek

With measured pace, they move in single file,

C-U Haiku, June 1, 2014

Edited by Lee Gurga/For The News-Gazette

While I was shaving

the cardinal's red razor flew

Slashing the oak leaves

— Dane Richardson, Champaign

Gardeners can harvest good ideas at library

I was browsing through our new nonfiction books the other day and picked up a few on gardening. It was such a horrible winter that I've been eager to get outside and see things grow. Like some of you, I did have some plants that didn't make it back this year. Among the deceased were some lemon wave hydrangeas, a beautiful rose, some lavender and a butterfly bush.

Jim Dey: Buy dad a book

Just two weeks remain before dutiful wives and kids feign affection for dad with those mandatory Father's Day presents. But what to buy?

Nurses played crucial roles during WWII

By Patricia Hruby Powell

Quick read packed with good advice for a healthy life

David B. Agus, M.D., the author of "The End of Illness" and one of the world's leading cancer doctors and researchers, is back with a second small but important book, "A Short Guide to a Long Life."

Library events, June 1-8, 2014

Each week, The News-Gazette offers a selection of events provided by area libraries:

Champaign Public Library

Main library, 200 W. Green St.

Douglass Branch, 504 E. Grove St.

Ted Kooser: An American life in poetry, May 25, 2014

Peter Everwine is a poet whose work I have admired for many years. Here is a poem about an experience many of us have shared. Everwine lives in California, but what happens in this poem happens every day in every corner of the world.

After the Funeral

We opened closets and bureau drawers

and packed away, in boxes, dresses and shoes,

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