Suspense: Round 2

Has this ever happened to you? I put a few books on hold that look really good, then of course, they all come in at the same time. This recently happened when I was researching suspense novels. Therefore, I have some extra titles to tell you about this week.

Here's what's happening on the literary scene

Champaign library hosting poets

C-U's "Quintessential Poets" — John Palen, Elaine Fowler Palencia, Frank Modica and Mary McCormack — will read from their works at 7:15 p.m. Monday in the Urbana Free Library's auditorium on the ground floor.

The reading is free and open to the public.

Margo Dill: Take the stress out of entertaining

What an amazing idea for a cookbook! This is one reason why I find it hard to entertain: I'm always in the kitchen cooking, and everyone else is socializing and having fun. In "Make it Ahead," Ina Garten answers the question, "Can I make it ahead?" She talks about how we all want to entertain with ease, and she gives countless tips for how we can do this.

Ted Kooser: An American life in poetry, April 26, 2015

By Ted Kooser/U.S. Poet Laureate, 2004-06

I once attended a memorial service at which a friend's ashes were put in the Platte River at first light, just as thousands of Sandhill Cranes were lifting off the water, crying. Flowing water has just what it takes to carry someone away in fine style. Here's a poem by Kyle Harvey, who lives in Colorado.

Settler's Creek

Stories take little ones on outdoor adventures

The wind has been blowing away all that is winter and bringing in fresh, new things to enjoy in the great outdoors.

Two new picture books recently blown this way explore the fun to be had.

A burst of wind and dazzling colors greet us when we open "When the Wind Blows" (2015, G.P. Putnam's Sons, written by Linda Booth Sweeney, illustrated by Jana Christy, ages 3-6).

Jim Dey: Hollywood directors put careers on hold for WWII service

They say war is hell. It's indisputably true, but how do we know?

Soldiers who were there swear it's so, and the pictures confirm it.

But at least the soldiers are armed and can defend themselves — all the photographers have are cameras.

Margo Dill: In the mood for a little romance?

"All for You" is a steamy romance collection by some well-known, bestselling authors in the genre: Susan Mallery (Fool's Gold series), Lori Foster (Ultimate Novel series), Gena Showalter (Lords of the Underworld series) and Bella Andre (The Sullivans series).

Here's what's happening on the literary scene

Author will read from new book

Ted Sanders, a member of the creative writing faculty at the University of Illinois, will speak at 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the Authors Corner of the Illini Union Bookstore, 809 S. Wright St., C.

Restoration gave Sidney more than a library

SIDNEY — They ripped the plastic corrugated siding off the front of Sidney's new library and found a diamond brick pattern. Under beat-up plaster, brick walls. Under hanging strips of burnt paint, a tin ceiling.

Ann Johnson, a University of Illinois professor emerita, put together a group of volunteers who have created a beautiful library from an empty storefront.

Ted Kooser: An American life in poetry, April 19, 2015

By Ted Kooser/U.S. Poet Laureate, 2004-06

Here's a fine poem about two generations of husbands by Pauletta Hansel of Ohio.


My mother likes a man who works. She likes

my husband's muddy knees, grass stains on the cuffs.

She loved my father, though when weekends came

he'd sleep till nine and would not lift