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The Law Q&A | Are fans or owners shielded at ballpark?


Baseball season is upon us. Time to have fun at the old ballpark.

Watching great pitching.

Catching foul balls with the glove you brought.

Catching broken bats with the skull you brought.

Is the old ballpark liable to you for the batter's shattered bat shattering your zygomatic and sphenoid bones?

It's a constant challenge to keep Urbana cemetery alive


It's not always easy for a local cemetery to stay alive.

Gravesites need to be maintained, bills need to be paid, and revenue relies solely on death.

Every active cemetery deals with difficulties, but for a board of less than 10 retirees, maintaining East Lawn Burial Park in Urbana is a grave concern.

Funding used yearly to demolish nuisances


Each year, Champaign spends $20,000 from its Urban Renewal Fund to demolish a few nuisance properties.

David Oliver, the city's code compliance manager, said another $50,000 from the state's Abandoned Property Program funds has been used to demolish five nuisance properties in Champaign in 2016.

Issues with empty houses unabated in C-U area

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Restaurant inspections: April 1-June 30

Sewage wastewater backup, cockroach infestation and houseflies “too numerous to count” were among the violations leading to closures and failures of eateries across the county since April.

Restaurant inspections: Hospital cafeteria shut down

URBANA — Health inspectors shut down the cafeteria at Presence Covenant Medical Center in May after noting a repeated critical violation — sewage wastewater backing up from the floor drain underneath a hand sink into the grill area.

Plant over budget, behind schedule

By TIM MITCHELL/The News-Gazette


TUSCOLA — In October 2014, state and local officials and Cronus Chemicals CEO Erzin Atac donned hard hats in an empty farm field to announce a deal to bring a $1.4 billion nitrogen-fertilizer plant to central Illinois.

Restaurants that were closed temporarily, June 2015 to April 2016

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Violations cited at 39 restaurants over 10 months

Restaurant questions? Ask them here and Tom Kacich will chase down an answer

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Inspectors closed Champaign Country Club facility this month

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