Danville child care program's pending closure shocks families

DANVILLE – About 60 Vermilion County families are scrambling to find new child care services after learning on Tuesday morning that theirs will close later this month.

The Center for Children's Services announced it will close its Early Learning Center at 702 N. Logan Ave., Danville, on June 26 for financial reasons.

Champaign schools renew contract for resource officers

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign school board renewed its contract Monday night with the city of Champaign for school resource officers for another year.

The contract provides for five police officers assigned to the district's middle and high schools for the 2009-2010 school year. The school district will pay $238,000, the recurring costs for two officers for the coming year. The city pays the recurring costs for the other three officers, said Assistant Superintendent Michael McFarland.

Health district offering free food for kids this summer

CHAMPAIGN – Hey kids: There's going to be free food all summer long at the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District.

Staff and volunteers will serve free breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks to all kids and teens dropping by, as long as they're age 18 or younger.

Kids to receive prizes for reading at Westville library

WESTVILLE – The Westville Public Library will conduct a summer reading incentive program for children that runs through Aug. 15.

Kids will earn library "loot" for reading books. The loot can be redeemed at the Westville Public Library for a variety of items. Loot is awarded according to the child's age group, as well as the number of books read. Call 267-3170 for more information.

Renovations under way at DHS for new Tech High program

DANVILLE – There's a lot of activity taking place on Danville High School's third floor this month, but it's not coming from students.

It's from construction workers who are renovating several rooms on the building's north side in preparation for New Tech High, which launches in August.

Odyssey Project taking applications for next session

CHAMPAIGN – Plato or Van Gogh may not be foremost in the mind of the single mother of three who works in a fast-food restaurant to keep her family fed.

But officials from the Odyssey Project would like them to be.

Founded in 2000 by the Illinois Humanities Council on the premise that drawing low-income people into the humanities could offer a way out of poverty, the college-level program has been offered in Champaign since 2006.

Schlarman's new dress code aims to eliminate confusion

DANVILLE – Some Schlarman High School students say getting ready for school just got a little easier thanks to a stricter dress code.

"Choosing your clothes won't be as big of a deal because you have fewer options," said Zoe Lutes, who will be a junior this fall.

Hugh O'Brian seminar motivates aspiring teen leaders

CHAMPAIGN – Gabbie Watson of Danville and her newest best friends chanted a cheer together Sunday afternoon on the UI Quad.

"We got the power! Energize!" they shouted.

Watson was one of approximately 150 of tomorrow's leaders who gathered on the University of Illinois campus this weekend to learn about leadership, service and innovation through the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar.

Aasif Ahmed, Danville High School

Hello, as my ID can confirm, I really am Aasif Ahmed. Before I begin. I would like to say "Happy Birthday" to Jason Grider. I will be quick with my address; I understand that if you are a racing fan you cannot be too happy about being here today. You have to miss the end of the Indianapolis 5OO just to watch a few kids graduate. I sympathize with you, and I hope that you get home in time to catch the last lap.

Scott Huber, Danville High School

Most of us graduating today have spent over 4,500 hours (the equivalent of about 190 days) at Danville High School! all in the pursuit of the diploma we will receive shortly. Of that, 360 hours were passing periods, and 360 additional hours were lunch. That leaves about 3,900 hours in which to absorb knowledge. As we are graduating, we must have found this to be a reasonable exchange. This diploma therefore must be worth at least $45,000 to us, (assuming we value our time even at minimum wage.)