Wetlands wild

Not far from the Middle Fork River, Lake Vermilion and Lake Mingo, you'll find places where the ground is underwater too.

Area update: Villa Grove residents bring water concerns to council

VILLA GROVE — About 20 residents addressed the city council with concerns about the quality of their water and the possibility of contracting with an outside company to provide water for the city.

"I can assure you that the first thing on our mind is your health and safety," said Mayor Pro Tem Ron Hunt.

Scientists capture rare images of wolverine

TRUCKEE, Calif. (AP) — Scientists following up on a rare wolverine sighting in the Sierra Nevada set up cameras and captured video of the animal scurrying in the snow, scaling a tree and chewing on bait.

They believe the wolverine is the same one that eight years ago became the first documented in the area since the 1920s.

PechaKucha: Slices of life

Since the first PechaKucha Night Champaign-Urbana in 2009, the presentations have moved from the professional to the more personal.

Fracking may worsen asthma for nearby residents, study says


Love in the air

Summer's the perfect time to spend a magical moment with a significant other at a romantic spot. Though surrounded by corn and soybeans, this area has plenty of them. Our five recommendations, courtesy of staff writer Melissa Merli:

Lake effect

Heron County Park


SIU plans to remove algae from Campus Lake

CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) — Southern Illinois University plans to remove toxic algae from Campus Lake in hopes people can get back on the water next year.

Sandra Mason: Cultivate curiosity

Every spring, I yearn for their return. And my worry builds every time I stare at my unattended hummingbird feeders.

Then one day, a flash of red and green appears, and my friends the hummers have once more successfully traveled thousands of miles from central America across land and water to make it back to my house.

Spraying for mosquitoes bugging some

TUSCOLA — Spraying in the summertime to keep mosquitoes under control is something his hometown has done for as far back as Tuscola City Administrator Drew Hoel can remember.

The spray truck of yesteryear would leave a billowing fog in its wake.

"I remember being out on my bicycle, and you would give it a wide berth," Hoel recalled.

Exelon sends NRC notice of intent to close Clinton, Quad Cities plants

CLINTON — Exelon Corp. has formally notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it has decided to close the Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear stations in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

In its "Certification of Permanent Cessation" letter sent to the NRC, Exelon said that it plans to close the 29-year-old Clinton plant "due to deteriorating economics" by June 1, 2017.