Proposed water regulation 'concerning' to farmers

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Deal with EPA up for vote in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN — A city engineer says Champaign does not agree with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, which holds it partially responsible for alleged stormwater release violations at a construction site in the southern part of the city.

The city council will vote tonight on a compliance agreement with the EPA over the alleged violations.

Heritage board rejects hosting meeting on mine

BROADLANDS — The Heritage school board turned down a request by the Illinois Department Natural Resources to hold a meeting regarding the proposed Bulldog Coal mine at Homer Elementary School.

Environmental Almanac: Massive turtles introduced

In the last week of October 1984, a man named Lance Cantrall captured an adult alligator snapping turtle on a bank of Clear Creek, a small tributary of the Mississippi River in far southwestern Illinois.

Grant to help lake at 4H camp

MONTICELLO — The 4-H Memorial Camp at Allerton Park has received a $40,000 grant to make sure there aren't any more large fish kills in its lake.

The grant comes from the Illinois EPA's Priority Lake and Watershed and Implementation Program, and will enable the 4-H Camp to install an aeration system in the 16-acre lake.

Cronus' arrival comes with a cost: $52 million

TUSCOLA — A package of economic incentives worth $52 million has been assembled by state and local agencies to bring a $1.4 billion fertilizer plant to East Central Illinois.

McLean zoning board rejects mining company permit

BLOOMINGTON — The McLean County Zoning Board voted unanimously to deny a recommendation to Minard Run Oil Company of Pennsylvania.

Tuscola apparent winner in bid for fertilizer plant

Is this a good thing? Ask Tom Kacich about it here

TUSCOLA — A billion-dollar fertilizer plant will be built on land west of Tuscola, state and local officials are expected to announce on Wednesday morning.

Area oil field owner testifies for drilling site

BLOOMINGTON — Testimony regarding a proposed oil drilling site in rural Downs will enter a fifth day and a 13th hour Monday night.

Tolono leaf-burn restrictions OK'd

TOLONO — The village of Tolono is moving toward an eventual ban on leaf burning.