Some recyclables may end up in landfill

CHAMPAIGN – Sorting through rumors among Champaign County trash haulers might be as involved as sorting through the trash itself.

Big haulers will blame the little guys – independent haulers sometimes blame the garbage giants.

But does some of what Champaign County residents put in recycling bins end up in the landfill?

Recycling taking refuse toward reuse

URBANA – At the northern edge of the city, beyond the daily ambling of most Champaign County residents, stands a garage where remnants of their culture reside.

The products of their habits are brought here in truckloads every day: What they eat and drink, what they do for work and play.

Last round of appliance rebate program lasted two hours

The final round of the state's appliance rebate program began at 8 a.m. Friday and ended 2 1/2 hours later.

Danville mayor breaks tie over purchase of truck

DANVILLE - Danville aldermen were split 7-7 Tuesday night on whether to spend more than $200,000 on another automated solid waste truck.

Mayor Scott Eisenhauer broke the tie, voting in favor of the purchase that several aldermen believed was not prudent.

Interest outweighs actual growth in bed bug problem, UI expert says

CHAMPAIGN – Hey, what's that little speck on the couch? Eeek! It's a bed bug.

No, wait, it's a chocolate cupcake crumb from yesterday.

Or is it?

People seem to be hyper-conscious of bed bugs these days, and it seems as though scarcely a day goes by when these creepy, crawly little bloodsuckers don't make the news.

Facts about bed bugs

How do you know if it's a bed bug?

Emerald ash borer confirmed in Champaign County

RANTOUL – The tree-slaying emerald ash borer has invaded Champaign County.

A Rantoul public facility, Prairie Pines Campground, 711 W. Perimeter Road, was found to have several trees infected on Aug. 30.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture confirmed cases in Champaign and Grundy counties on Friday.

River cleanup slated for Ellsworth Park

DANVILLE – The Danville Parks and Recreation Division, Pride Grows and Keep Vermilion County Beautiful are sponsoring a river cleanup from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Ellsworth Park, off East Main Street.

Dairy-farm runoff may have caused fish kill, state agency says

BELLFLOWER – Illinois Environmental Protection Agency investigators believe a rural Bellflower dairy farm is the likely source of runoff that killed an estimated 40,000 fish and an undetermined number of other creatures in central Illinois.

Danville council to discuss yard-waste pickup

DANVILLE – Danville resident Leon "Bud" Miller would like to see the city's yard waste program return to a weekly pickup schedule, but the majority of yard waste customers who responded to a recent survey prefer keeping the bi-monthly schedule, which also means no increase in the cost.