Clinton Landfill appeal to proceed

An appeal over what types of waste can be dumped at the Clinton Landfill will move forward.

Opponents of coal mine gather tonight in Homer

HOMER — Opponents of a proposed underground coal mine southeast of Homer are holding an informational meeting Wednesday night (Sept. 3) to discuss concerns with Sunrise Coal's development plans and the state's mine permitting process.

Sewer work could hit park on campus

CHAMPAIGN — A portion of a park on the University of Illinois campus could be temporarily dug up for the construction of a force main for a planned upgrade of sanitary-sewer facilities in the area.

Landfill owners file appeal of waste ban

The clock is now ticking on an appeal filed by the owners of the Clinton Landfill over a recent state decision that limits what kind of waste can be dumped at the site.

C-UMTD touts solar panels

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District said it hopes to save thousands of dollars in energy costs through a recently-completed project of installing solar panels at the district's maintenance facility.

The installation of about 1,200 panels on the roof of the structure began last November.

Lions and gray wolves and bears? Oh, my!

New Illinois law offers 3 native species protection

CHAMPAIGN — Coyote hunters in Illinois may now want to take a closer look before taking a shot — just to be sure they're not sizing up a gray wolf.

Ford County wind turbine project seeks extension

KEMPTON — The developers of the Pilot Hill Wind Project are requesting another extension of their special-use permit for the construction of 96 turbines in the Kempton area in northern Ford County.

Environmental Almanac: Take a walk on the wild side (of campus)

I take great pleasure in the activities and energy that mark the beginning of a new academic year at the University of Illinois in August. But I also make time to recharge by connecting with the natural world every day, whether by taking the long way as I cross campus for a meeting or a class or a dedicated walk at lunchtime.

Beware of bacteria

If you're thinking about swimming at an inland lake in East Central Illinois, you might want to think again.

It's not just that there could be something unpleasant in the water, it's also that what's there might go undetected for weeks.

Environmental Almanac: There's work to be done to protect our waters

Last week in my column about fishing the Salt Fork River, I credited the federal Clean Water Act of 1972 for the comeback of that stream and others like it.