Champaign County Board delays discussion on zoning and coal mine

URBANA – Champaign County Board members deferred for a month any discussion about the need for zoning changes in response to a possible coal mine in southeastern Champaign County.

"It's just too much too fast," said Urbana Democrat Steve Beckett. "I don't think there is going to be a worthwhile discussion tonight. It's just too early."

Champaign County Board members seek some say over coal mine

URBANA – Champaign County Board members will discuss for the first time plans for a coal mine that could reach into a small part of the southeastern part of the county.

The committee of the whole meeting will begin at 6 p.m. today at the Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E. Washington St., U.

Remember to get rid of sensitive data before recycling hard drive

CHAMPAIGN – So you're getting ready for the electronics recycling event this Saturday in Champaign and you've got that old computer from the closet that you're finally going to get rid of.

Hold on there.

Efforts mostly stymied to recycle children's car seats

CHAMPAIGN – If you're an eco-conscious parent, you may use cloth diapers, buy organic baby food and avoid bottles with harmful plastics.

But your efforts to go green are stymied by that big hunk of plastic, metal and foam that you use to transport your children: the car seat.

New head of BP has ties to Champaign-Urbana

The new head of BP has Illinois ties.

Danville seeking assessment from users of yard waste program

DANVILLE – Joice Murdock prefers bagging her yard waste rather than toting her yard waste.

"I'm not a fan," Murdock said of the 40-plus-gallon yard waste toters that can become heavy when full of grass clippings, limbs and other vegetation. "I would prefer to buy bags. You bag it up, take it out; it was gone."

Water customers in Alvin under boil order

The Village of Alvin is under a boil order until further notice.

Mayor Jean Lete said a squirrel got into a transformer at the water plant on South Street on Monday, causing it to blow.

"It turned off the power," she said.

Electronics recycling event set for Aug. 7

CHAMPAIGN – A third electronics recycling event in Champaign will likely push this year's collection total to more than 300,000 pounds.

Federal grant to help Champaign nonprofits with energy efficiency

CHAMPAIGN – Some city nonprofit agencies could become more energy efficient with help from federal funds passed down through the city of Champaign.

Champaign received $763,200 from the Department of Energy's energy efficiency and conservation block grant this year, and city officials designated $100,000 of that to give free energy audits to nonprofit groups.

Champaign council approves 5-year $1.56 million contract for multifamily recycling

CHAMPAIGN – The city council on Tuesday night took another step toward its planned multifamily home recycling program, which is scheduled to begin toward the end of this year.

With its low bid of $1,558,200 during the next five years, or $311,640 annually, Allied Waste Transportation won the city contract to collect a list of recyclable items at multi-unit complexes.