Rich Warren: Most eclipse pictures weren't impressive

The great eclipse of 2017 smiled, winked and retreated. Beyond providing a trove of knowledge for scientists, it proved that geat photos require a real, dedicated camera. There must be a million blurred and/or overexposed shots of totality taken with smartphones.

Letter from Birdland: Camping trip brings back fond memories of Dad

When I left you last week, I was describing our first night hiking in the wilderness of the Cascade Mountains. Michael and I were carrying packs with a tent, food and clothing for a five-day trip.

Hoopeston group members riding to Houston-area animal shelter's rescue

HOOPESTON — Kathleen Orcutt and Deb Hefner are excited but also preparing emotionally to leave Saturday for Texas, where they will rescue dogs and cats from a shelter that's overwhelmed.

Top of the Morning, Aug. 30, 2017

The many volunteers and supporters involved in the Idea Garden's Accessibility Project will be recognized at Thursday's ribbon-cutting ceremony in Urbana.

As rewarding as that will be, messages like the one delivered by ELLEN CUNNINGTON pack more punch.

Urbana moves forward with grant to replace beetle-ravaged ash trees

URBANA — Residents might see changes in scenery after the Urbana City Council gave initial approval Monday to a $15,000 tree-planting grant from the Morton Arboretum and U.S. Forest Service.

Funds for removal of deadly dams in Danville still jammed up

DANVILLE — When Illinois passed its budget earlier this summer, Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer eagerly anticipated the release of state funds for the removal of two low-head dams in the city that have been the site of drownings in decades past.

But, at this point, there's no indication when funds will be appropriated.

Letter from Birdland: Living and learning at Lake Dorothy

Michael and I are beginning to think about what to bring the next time we backpack into the wilderness — a couple more small carabiners to hang stuff from the tent or the pack, a few clothespins, a bag with pockets to keep our food organized.

Environmental Almanac: Time to sever Great Lakes/Mississippi link

It's ironic that the Prairie State is bordered by two of the world's most extensive aquatic systems.

On the northeast, we've got Lake Michigan, the fifth-largest lake in the world and our connection to the rest of the Great Lakes system and by extension the Atlantic Ocean.

The Reluctant Townie: Eclipse viewer for sale

I suppose I should pay more attention to the rotational idiosyncrasies of our solar system, because last week's Great American Eclipse took me by surprise.

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