City's vote on ice until after public meeting

URBANA — The Urbana City Council has put off a decision on the Mahomet Aquifer consent decree until its Sept. 21 meeting in order to wait for a public meeting to discuss the agreement.

No small threat

URBANA — This is the worst summer here for ash trees and a killer pest.

"We'll lose all the city-owned ash trees within two years," Urbana Arborist Mike Brunk said.

The ash was once one of eastern America's most common trees. Before 2002, the emerald ash borer had never been seen in North America.

Just 1 question: How can farmers protect birds, insects

At today's Agriculture Field Day at PrairieErth Farm near Atlanta, Ill., Cassandra Wilcoxen will be comparing bird and pollinator density and diversity in three farm production systems (organic, conservation and conventional). Staff writer Paul Wood caught up with the University of Illinois grad student before her gig:

Take a gander — no geese

CHAMPAIGN — There's a beautiful green space on the edge of downtown Champaign. A historic stone bridge, falling water, curved walkways with landscaping above and below and a gentle slope to a pond where the occasional turtle suns itself and a heron fishes for dinner.

And geese, you say. Always, with the pooping on the sidewalk.

Flight club: Looking for the bird that shouldn't be here

Some wayward trajectory brought a rare bird, a swallow-tailed kite, to perch on a dead or dying conifer near Mattis and Windsor a few days ago.

Dozens of people from Chicago and farther have come to add the raptor to their "life list" of birds, since this is a raptor you would expect to see in Florida, not Illinois.

Savoy tables vote on landfill decree

SAVOY — Trustees have tabled the approval of a consent decree to settle the lawsuit between the Clinton Landfill, which is sited over the Mahomet Aquifer, and a coalition of local governments.

Landfill agreement approved

After hearing from the public for more than an hour Tuesday, the Champaign City Council approved a consent decree agreeing to the proposed settlement of a lawsuit the city and 13 other governmental entities filed against the Clinton Landfill.

Rose, Ammons back accord on Clinton Landfill

CHAMPAIGN — Two state legislators, including one who has been working to keep hazardous wastes out of the Clinton Landfill for close to a decade, are endorsing a proposed consent decree that settles a lawsuit filed by local governments against the landfill's owners.

AUDIO: Curtis Orchard a-buzz with bee research

Tucked away in a corner of Curtis Orchard in Savoy are a few hundred-thousand buzzing, honey-producing test subjects. Phillip Kisubika went among the honey bees and has this report.

Rob Kanter: Perspective on coyotes

When was the last time you saw a coyote? Such a question would have seemed ridiculous to most residents of East Central Illinois in the not-too-distant past. But in recent years these adaptable carnivores seem to have filled in every niche available in the landscape that we humans have developed.