Area update: Lead tests show no need for cleanup at Rantoul site

RANTOUL — Ground samples taken at the playground at Rantoul's Multicultural Community Center tested well below the level that would require cleanup.

Sandra Mason: Worm watch

Worms are a good thing. Right? Well, it all depends. As gardeners, we think of earthworms as happily improving our soil with their aerating tunnels and highly fertile poop. Red wrigglers devour our kitchen leftovers to make rich compost. But a new worm on the horizon can leave parched earth in its path.

Rob Kanter/Environmental Almanac: Birding abroad

The city of Dakar, which is the capital of the West African nation of Senegal, is not a birding destination. Some two and a half million people live there, and the streets are crowded with traffic that includes everything from foot traffic and horse drawn carts to motor scooters, taxis, private cars and a variety of buses, among them the colorful and jam-packed cars rapide.

Mold found growing in Cannon's basement

DANVILLE — An environmental consulting firm found mold growing in the basement of Cannon Elementary during its initial inspection of the flood-damaged school, conducted the day before Vermilion County schools officials ordered its temporary closure because of safety concerns.

Everything flowing smoothly

URBANA — Over the past two years, work on the sanitary-sewer system has improved drainage across Champaign-Urbana, the head of the district told the Urbana City Council on Monday night.

It's Your Business: Construction firm opening office in Champaign

A Morton-based reconstruction, restoration and renovation company will be opening an office in Champaign.

Steve Driscoll, vice president of Menold Construction, said his firm has leased an office at 807 Pioneer St. (just east of North Prospect Avenue) and will open for business on March 1.

Area update: Monticello wastewater-plant issues complicated

MONTICELLO — A $4 million upgrade of Monticello's existing wastewater-treatment plant might not be enough to satisfy the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Rob Kanter: Some wild memories from 2015

As you know, I take great pleasure in observing wildlife, whether I'm out for the specific purpose of doing that or I'm just going from one place to another in the course of a normal day.

As you also know, I enjoy looking into questions that arise from my observations and sharing my findings with others.

Fumes bring evacuation for Rantoul Business Center; no medical attention reported

RANTOUL — Rantoul Business Center was evacuated Monday afternoon due to fumes generated by workers removing air-conditioning units.

Fire Chief Ken Waters said workers for Stanco Industries Inc. of Fort Wayne, Ind., were using a torch to remove the units. The heating action created lithium bromide vapor, which filled the business center.