Whatever happened to ... UFO sightings

Although UFO sightings are down from their peak years, voyagers from space are still among us, and there's video over Champaign to prove it.

The skies here have had decades of brightly lit flying objects, to go by News-Gazette clippings.

Letter from Birdland: Dense fog puts me in state of reflection

Birdland is immersed in a dense fog. Driving home, I lost my bearings, so that I almost missed my exit.

Entertainment listings, Feb. 9-16, 2017


This weekend


What: Fundraising gala of Habitat for Humanity and the Home Builders Association of East Central Illinois includes appetizers, dinner and drinks, live and silent auctions. All proceeds go to supporting local homebuilding and neighborhood revitalization projects in Champaign County.

Letters from Birdland: Custard is my new obsession

It's snowing in Birdland. So far, just enough to mottle the landscape a little bit in white, make the air just a little bit obscure, like bad reception on the television.

The snow is blowing almost horizontally and inserts a screen of tiny dashes into my vision. Readers of a certain age will know what I mean when I say that "snow" interrupts the picture.

Top of the Morning, Feb. 4, 2017

Sadorus' BOB SILVER was driving near the Champaign-Douglas County line just west of U.S. 45 on Friday morning when he spotted a an enormous flock of snow geese.

How rare of a scene was it?

I turned to our resident birder — the UI's ROB KANTER — who tapped UI avian ecologist MIKE WARD for answers.

Fithian-area residents voice concerns over proposed hog facilities

DANVILLE — Rural Fithian-area residents peppered Parks Livestock representatives Monday night with questions and concerns about plans to build two hog facilities that would house up to 8,400 animals apiece and inject their manure into 2,000 acres of surrounding farm ground.

Letters from Birdland: Taking steps to promote rights

Birdland is chilly and overcast, but unseasonably warm. I'm walking the dogs, and the wind rises across the field. Cullen, the brown dog, gets sidetracked with an intriguing scent, but Ursula, the black dog, pulls us forward.

Trump administration's actions have UI scientists wary

Gag orders, media blackouts, political reviews of scientific reports — those are fighting words to scientists.

News of a Trump administration clampdown on public communications at the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies this week raised alarm from scientists across the country, including at the University of Illinois.

Top of the Morning, Jan. 24, 2017

As toasty as it was Saturday — a C-U record 64 degrees — I figured spring can't be too far away.

Not so fast, JIM ANGEL says. The state climatologist, while pointing out that the average temperature in January is 6.9 degrees above normal, reminded me that there's a lot of winter left.

Pope talks local farming before Monday speech

The featured speaker at Monday’s annual meeting of the Champaign County Farm Bureau will provide an early outlook on the 2017 farm season.