Seriously: Do not feed the geese

Wildlife experts say there's something everyone can do to help manage the Giant Canada goose problem: Stop feeding them.

Park officials in East Central Illinois said they often see people feeding them bread, birdseed and leftover picnic scraps — sometimes right next to "Do not feed geese" signs.

On a wild goose chase

What would you do? Tell Urbana's Tom Kacich here

On Sunday morning bird walks in the spring, guide Greg Lambeth leads groups of bird enthusiasts through Crystal Lake Park and Busey Woods in Urbana in the hope of seeing a variety of species that live in or migrate to the area.

Studio Visit: Durango Mendoza

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, Durango Mendoza, 69, Urbana, a photographer, assemblage artist, sculptor and writer, chats with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli.

Are you still writing short stories?

Rantoul will seek solar farm project

RANTOUL — The village of Rantoul is seeking to become the site of an experimental small solar farm.

Environmental Almanac: Park district balancing wildlife, human needs

One sure sign that winter won't last forever is the spectacle of geese high overhead, flying north. They're common, I know, but it still brightens my day when I walk out and hear them and have the opportunity to watch their loose V's form and reform. These high-flying geese migrate as their forebears have done for millennia.

Would that we could enjoy all geese from a distance.

Low power prices hold up wind farm's construction

PAXTON — The Dogtown Wind Farm, a proposed 100-megawatt wind farm featuring up to 49 turbines east of Paxton, could be built "within the next year or two," one of the project's co-developers said.

UI research finds surprise inside the earth

What you learned from textbooks in school about the center of the earth may need to be updated, as new research from geologists at the University of Illinois finds that the center of the earth is not what we've thought.

Their conclusions suggest that there's a core inside the inner core of the earth -- an "inner-inner core" -- with different properties.

Environmental Almanac: See nature through new eyes at Allerton

If you were scheduled to lead a lightly advertised tree identification hike on a frigid Saturday morning in January, you might anticipate working with a small group. That was the case last month for Nate Beccue, natural areas manager at the University of Illinois' Robert Allerton Park near Monticello.

Sidney annexes land for septic field

SIDNEY — The village is annexing and rezoning a 0.483-acre tract of land adjacent to Casey's General Store to be used for a septic field lot.

Disposal of radium waste discussed in Thomasboro

THOMASBORO — The Thomasboro Village Board discussed the eventual disposal of radium waste from the village's water treatment.