Plan to control geese detailed

URBANA — Here's one Mother Goose story you won't find in the children's section of your public library.

Bill on aquifer passes Senate panel, but more work ahead

SPRINGFIELD — A bill that would prohibit the dumping of PCBs and manufactured gas waste at any landfill over the Mahomet Aquifer got provisional approval Tuesday from an Illinois Senate commitee.

Environmental Almanac: Get out soon to find first flower of spring

People who go looking for beauty in the woodlands of East Central Illinois consider April to be a high point of the year. That's when showy beauties like Virginia bluebells carpet the woodland floor. But if you wait until then to get out, you're already a month late for the emergence of the first flower of spring.

Electronics recycling event Saturday

CHAMPAIGN — Good Vibes will host an electronics recycling event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at its store, 1501 N. Prospect Ave., C.

Items that can be dropped off include televisions, stereos, video cassette recorders, computers, microwave ovens and treadmills.

Cronus inks construction contract for Tuscola plant

Last fall, the big announcement was made that a more than a billion dollar fertilizer plant was coming to Douglas County. Now the next step in helping to make the project a reality has been taken.

Seriously: Do not feed the geese

Wildlife experts say there's something everyone can do to help manage the Giant Canada goose problem: Stop feeding them.

Park officials in East Central Illinois said they often see people feeding them bread, birdseed and leftover picnic scraps — sometimes right next to "Do not feed geese" signs.

Environmental Almanac: Real-life female stars in entomology

Depictions of female entomologists in film will be the focus of the 32nd Insect Fear Film Festival, which will take place Saturday at the University of Illinois.

On a wild goose chase

What would you do? Tell Urbana's Tom Kacich here

On Sunday morning bird walks in the spring, guide Greg Lambeth leads groups of bird enthusiasts through Crystal Lake Park and Busey Woods in Urbana in the hope of seeing a variety of species that live in or migrate to the area.

Studio Visit: Durango Mendoza

Studio Visit is a Q&A with a local artist. Here, Durango Mendoza, 69, Urbana, a photographer, assemblage artist, sculptor and writer, chats with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli.

Are you still writing short stories?

Rantoul will seek solar farm project

RANTOUL — The village of Rantoul is seeking to become the site of an experimental small solar farm.