UI senate resolution calls for divestment from coal holdings

URBANA — The Urbana campus Academic Senate will debate a resolution next week calling on University of Illinois trustees to divest from all indirect holdings in coal-mining and coal-utility companies.

The student-sponsored resolution will be on Monday's agenda for the senate, which includes students, faculty members and academic professional employees.

Area update: St. Joe Legion proposing memorial for veterans

ST. JOSEPH — The St. Joseph American Legion is proposing a veterans memorial, to be placed at the sports complex on the east side of the village.

Rob Kanter/Environmental Almanac: Author puts spotlight on biodiversity loss

If you're familiar with this column, you know I take great pleasure in observing the natural world, especially the wildlife I come across on a day-to-day basis in East Central Illinois.

Tom's #Mailbag, March 11, 2016

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Rob Kanter/Environmental Almanac: Bird's often the word in my circles

One of the things I enjoy most about birding is the way it brings people together to share observations.

Rob Kanter/Environmental Almanac: Bugs go boom

In anticipation of the 33rd Annual Insect Fear Film Festival, which they will host Saturday on the UI campus, this week's column is written by three members of the Entomology Graduate Student Association: Joshua Gibson, Todd Johnson, and Tanya Josek

Sunrise Coal likely to get one-year extension on state application

SIDELL — With a deadline looming, it's likely the state will grant Sunrise Coal another year to address changes in its Bulldog mine application.

Health department again promotes from within

DANVILLE — The director of environmental health will become the next top administrator at the Vermilion County Health Department in April.

Doug Toole, 47, was appointed Tuesday night by the board of health to take over as public health administrator on April 18, succeeding current administrator Jenny Trimmell, who will retire April 17 after nearly 19 years, two years at the helm.

Coal concerns

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Rob Kanter/Environmental Almanac: Birding abroad, part 2

Although the other members of my family enjoy a range of outdoor activities when we travel together, I like to spend more time birding than they do. I especially enjoy staking out a spot near where we stay where I can spend some quality time with my camera early in the morning.