More toxic wastes barred

SPRINGFIELD — Four days after moving to ban PCB waste from the Clinton Landfill, Gov. Pat Quinn now is prohibiting the disposal of some manufactured gas plant wastes at the site located about 40 miles west of Champaign.

Vermilion health department seeks birds to test for West Nile

DANVILLE — The Vermilion County Health Department is asking the public to report certain kinds of dead birds for possible testing to help determine if West Nile Virus is in the area.

The county is accepting a limited number of dead crows, blue jays, grackles, starlings, sparrows, finches, robins, cardinals, flycatchers, swallows, catbirds, mockingbirds, warblers and wrens for testing.

Impact study will look past Central issue

UI professor who is helping with project is doing it for free

A study examining the long-term impact of a new high school on the community at large might come too late to affect the Central High School site, but its authors are hopeful the upcoming report can inform future decisions.

Fifth-Hill group excited to hear Davis' office asking U.S. EPA to check site reports

CHAMPAIGN — The organizer of the Fifth and Hill neighborhood group said on Wednesday that she was excited to hear that U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis' office has asked the EPA to make sure Ameren Illinois did everything it could do in its cleanup of the former site of a manufactured gas plant.

Illinois sees decline in Japanese beetles

If you've noticed that your roses are looking healthier than normal, you're not alone.

Japanese beetles are serious pests to roses, birch trees, linden trees and hops, among other plants. The beetles are also going through a serious reduction in numbers throughout Illinois.

Letter from Birdland: Our pollinators need more love

I wrote last week that I'd tell you more about my conversation with John Marlin, the curator of the prairie in front of the Archives Research Center, and ever since our conversation, I've noticed more and more little pockets of prairie on campus.

Environmental Almanac: UI program looks at why saving resources is 'wicked problem' for humanity

Can you save money for yourself and save the Earth at the same time?

That was the vexing challenge a group of high school students and incoming University of Illinois freshman faced earlier this summer as they participated in a classroom exercise conducted by Jonathan Tomkin, a colleague of mine in the UI School of Earth, Society, and Environment.

Quinn: Aquifer action on way

Governor was at UI campus for bill signing

URBANA — Further action to protect the Mahomet Aquifer — the source of drinking water for about 750,000 central Illinoisans — is imminent, Gov. Pat Quinn said Friday at a bill-signing on the University of Illinois campus.

IDNR cutting deer permits

DANVILLE — The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is reducing the number of firearm deer hunting permits in some counties this year — including Champaign and Vermilion — and eliminating late winter hunting in 20 counties.

But some hunters believe those changes still aren't enough to deal with dramatic drop-offs in the state's deer harvest.

That's cool: An atypical July

CHAMPAIGN — July is supposed to be the hottest month of the year in central Illinois.

Not this year.

The average temperature so far this month in Champaign is 70.4 degrees, or almost 5 degrees below the historical average of 75. It's also lower than last month's average temperature in Champaign-Urbana — 73.4 degrees.