Ebertfest Q&A: Haifaa Al-Mansour and more

Haifaa Al-Mansour is the first woman to make a feature-length film shot ("Wadjda") entirely in Saudi Arabia.

How did you find Waad Mohammed, the girl who plays the title character?

Ebertfest notebook, Day 3: 'Movie Mom' loves camaraderie

Her favorite thing about event? Lack of competition

Nell Minow has always been interested in movies. And as the mother of two children, she always felt like helping families have conversations about difficult subjects.

'Capote' director remembers his star, old friend

Bennett Miller says it took Philip Seymour Hoffman a few weeks to get character right

CHAMPAIGN — Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman "was very, very nervous" when his old friend, director Bennett Miller, talked to him about portraying author Truman Capote in Miller's narrative feature debut.

Updated: Spike Lee's C-U March

CHAMPAIGN — Director Spike Lee came in like a lamb and went out like a lion.

His arrival at Willard Airport on Friday was solitary and unsung, but the audience at the 2014 Roger Ebert's Film Festival — no seats empty — cheered when his acting credit appeared in "Do The Right thing" while Rosie Perez danced militantly. Earlier, there was a cheer for "A Spike Lee Joint."

Ebertfest Q&A: Ken Winokur of Alloy Orchestra

Perennial Ebertfest guest Alloy Orchestra, the trio of silent-film music composers from Cambridge, Mass., performs its original score for "He Who Gets Slapped" at 1 p.m. today. Here, a Q&A with member Ken Winokur:

Is your score for "He Who Gets Slapped" Alloy's newest?

Larson, Stanfield charm Eberfest audience

CHAMPAIGN — After hearing that actress Brie Larson was coming to Ebertfest, a movie-industry type in Los Angeles told festival emcee Chaz Ebert she would really like the young actress.

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Ebertfest Notes, Day 2: Want Spike Lee's autograph? Good luck

If you aim to get an autograph on Friday of Ebertfest guest director Spike Lee, you are on your own.

Check out this UI journalism class' social media coverage of Ebertfest here

Ebertfest organizers do not schedule autograph sessions with guests. "We don't do that," festival director Nate Kohn said.

Entertainment listings, April 24-May1, 2014

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Special events

This weekend

Ebertfest Q&A: Jem Cohen on 'Museum Hours'

Director Jem Cohen's "Museum Hours" will resume Ebertfest at 1 p.m. Thursday. Cohen is based in New York:

Do you also paint or draw? Did you study art before you starting making films?

Chuck Koplinski: Pace, plotting nearly undo 'The Other Woman'

I understand the appeal of films like "The Other Woman." They are to women what action flicks are to men — overwrought fantasies meant to provide a cathartic release for the audience.

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