Celebs, fans alike enjoy 'feel' of Ebertfest

CHAMPAIGN — Among the big names at this year's Ebertfest, the most recognizable in attendance to the casual fan might be Kate Bosworth, the actress known for roles in "Remember the Titans," "Blue Crush," "Superman Returns" and "21." Bosworth is attending this year's festival in support of her husband, Michael Polish, the director of "Northfork," which was one of the films featured at the Virgin

Melissa Merli's latest on Ebertfest, April 15, 2016

Film/TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, who interviewed writer-director Michael Polish after the "Northfork" screening Thursday during Ebertfest, told the writer-director how a friend of a friend who had worked on Polish's "Twin Falls, Idaho," told Seitz he had to visit the set.

'Just keep filming,' Ebert said

CHAMPAIGN — After Michael Polish's movie "Northfork" premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, the theater went completely silent.

Polish then saw a figure walking toward him.

It was Roger Ebert.

"I haven't seen anything like that before. You want to have breakfast?" the film critic said.

"You bet," Polish replied.

Entertainment listings, April 14-21, 2016

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In many ways, Roger Ebert was Ebertfest. But so am I. And so are you.

Ebertfest organizers: More to the story

CHAMPAIGN — Festival organizers contend that a News-Gazette analysis of Ebertfest finances gives an incomplete and misleading picture.

Ebertfest 2016: UI president one happy host

Hosting his first Ebertfest reception at the University of Illinois president's mansion Wednesday, Timothy Killeen cracked jokes from the podium.

He said the red-brick mansion was built in 1929-'30 at the start of the Great Depression.

Chuck Koplinski: Disney's vibrant 'Jungle Book' a visual delight

A visual knockout from the first frame to the last, Jon Favreau's reimagining of "The Jungle Book" owes as much to Rudyard Kipling's original stories as it does to the 1967 Disney animated adaptation.

2016 Ebertfest coverage roundup

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2016 Ebertfest: It's on

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Panel with some punch

Actress Kate Bosworth will be part of the academic panel discussion on women in Hollywood on Friday. "She's coming with her husband, so we took the opportunity to put her on a panel," festival director Nate Kohn said.