Pecking order: Recipes for deviled eggs

So you're one of those folks who wants to get a flock of chickens for your backyard, eh? After you figure out all the logistics, the next big thing is deciding what to do when your chickens become egg-laying machines.

Meg Makes: Recipe for Lemon Roast Chicken

Rob and I both work strange schedules, which can sometimes lead to difficulty in meal planning.

So it is a special occasion - although not an infrequent one - that Rob has dinner ready when I get home from work so we can eat together.

Bacon apple fritters with maple glaze? Pandamonium!

CHAMPAIGN — James Kyung, who brought his own brand of gourmet doughnuts to Urbana's Market on the Square this year, now wants to put the idea on wheels.

Doughnuts generally aren't considered gourmet fare, but Kyung set out to break that stereotype by selling bacon apple fritters with maple glaze; chocolate overdose doughnuts; and peanut butter-banana doughnuts.

Meg Makes: Easiest, most delicious recipe for homemade applesauce ever

Rob's mom recently gave us an enormous bag of apples grown by one of her friends.

The apples are amazingly delicious - sweet, tart and firm. I decided to attempt a simple, homemade applesauce, and it turned out better than I could have dreamed. Plus, it's just about the easiest possible thing you can do with apples, save for washing and eating them raw.

To Your Health: Diabetes diagnosis just got a bit more complicated

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

Although the symptoms of diabetes have been documented for thousands of years, medical professionals didn't start to look for a cause and treatment for the disease until 1910. Almost 30 years later, the classifications we know now as Types 1 and 2 were made.

Food pantries to see increased demand with SNAP cuts

CHAMPAIGN — Local food pantries will soon begin seeing increased demand from families struggling with cuts in food stamp benefits, Eastern Illinois Foodbank Executive Director Jim Hires says.

Meg Makes: Recipe for No-sugar-added Steel-cut Oatmeal

This fall, for health reasons, I’ve cut way back on my sugar consumption.

While I’m disappointed not to be sipping any pumpkin pie latte or eating slices of apple pie at this time of year, I did come up with a breakfast recipe that still tastes of autumn but doesn’t include added sugar.

New Tilton distillery has been long time in making

DANVILLE — It has taken two years, but business partners Ernie Trinkle and Tyler Langston have finally opened their craft distillery business, Rumshine Distilling, in a new building in Tilton.

Meg Makes: Easy recipe for Smoked Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

Sometimes, an easy dinner that tastes really good can make my whole day better.

That was the case recently when I made this dish, which I have cleverly titled Smoked Sausage and Brussels Sprouts.

Meg Makes: Lebanese recipe for Roasted Chicken Za'atar

As I wrote yesterday, Rob and I tried cooking Lebanese food for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed it.