New Tilton distillery has been long time in making

DANVILLE — It has taken two years, but business partners Ernie Trinkle and Tyler Langston have finally opened their craft distillery business, Rumshine Distilling, in a new building in Tilton.

Meg Makes: Easy recipe for Smoked Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

Sometimes, an easy dinner that tastes really good can make my whole day better.

That was the case recently when I made this dish, which I have cleverly titled Smoked Sausage and Brussels Sprouts.

Meg Makes: Lebanese recipe for Roasted Chicken Za'atar

As I wrote yesterday, Rob and I tried cooking Lebanese food for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed it.

Meg Makes: Lebanese recipe for Butternut Squash Wedges and Tahini Sauce

Rob and I first tried Lebanese food a few years ago, when a cafe in downtown Champaign used to sell it a few evenings a week.

I believe that's no longer the case, but that hasn't stopped us, especially Rob, from rhapsodizing about the dishes we ate there.

To Your Health: Make broth at home for all the flavor, less all the salt

By Leia Kedem

So many recipes call for chicken broth, whether it's soup, stuffing, risotto, mashed potatoes, gravy or more. There's no doubt that broth adds flavor, but unfortunately, it can be sky-high in sodium. Reduced-sodium options are certainly an improvement, but can still pack around 600 milligrams of sodium in just one cup.

Group aims to help provide food for schoolchildren

CHAMPAIGN — That children sometimes go hungry at home hit Champaign parent Jenelle Keene when she was volunteering on a Robeson School field trip. A kindergartner asked Keene to hold onto her lunch so she could take it home, adding that she would feed the cup of applesauce to her baby sister.

Restaurants may be required to post inspection results

CHAMPAIGN — Restaurant customers put their food safety in someone else's hands every time they dine out.

But a public health official says people need to see some proof when they walk in the door of a food establishment that it is following the rules.

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Urbana Middle School has food drive

URBANA — Students at Urbana Middle School are participating in a "Souped-Up" food drive and are accepting donations of canned soups and chili, as well as crackers.

Food donations will be accepted through Oct. 16, as will financial donations. Both will be passed on to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

The middle school is located at 1201 S. Vine Street, U.

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