Naked lilies can dress up a summer garden

Surprise lily, spider lily, magic lily, resurrection lily, pink flamingo flower, hurricane lily, naked lily and the ever-popular "nekkid" lady are all names for the same plant. This amaryllis relative is likely the titleholder for the most common names for any plant.

Earwigs: Creepy, crawly nuisances

Big leaves, little leaves all riddled with holes. What could it be? No critter in sight. No critter to blame. Could it be slithering, slimy slugs? But where are the slime trails? Where is the yuck? Then a quick stirring of the mulch and a scream full of earwigs race for refuge. UGH! Earwigs: the poster children for creepy, crawly.

Cultivate your curiosity about nature

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." Naturalist John Muir made this statement in 1911.

It is as true today as it was then. Beyond television and technology, have you ever wondered how the world (including us) is hitched?

Discover good, bad of perennial vines

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, "A physician may bury his mistakes, but an architect can only plant a vine." Perhaps you have a few mistakes to hide or you just want to cover a downspout, a tree stump or an arbor or shade a deck. Perennial vines may be just what the doctor ordered.

Shane Cultra - Country Arbors Nursery 6-26-14

Shane Cultra - Country Arbors Nursery 6-26-14: Play now!

Brian Moline talks with Shane Cultra of Country Arbors nursery about blight on pear trees, yard mushrooms and other lawn & garden topics.


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Community gardens: Food, camaraderie — and you might learn something

Champaign resident Gordon Smith doesn't really need to rent a garden. He already tends one at home.

But early Monday morning, a hot and humid one, he was watering his pepper plants at his two plots at the Eddie Albert Community Gardens at Dodds Park between Parkland College and Mattis Avenue.

Not all roses require extra care

Finicky and fussy, picky and persnickety are declarations I often hear in reference to roses. Many people think roses require way too much care. With rousing endorsements like that, it's amazing roses have survived in gardens for centuries.

Plants on trial — you be the judge

One of the great assets to being a gardener is trying out new plants and new techniques (or rediscovered old techniques). Some shine and some leave us wondering what the fuss is all about.

How to stay on top of mower maintenance

It's the season for outdoor fun in your yard. It's also the season for lawn mower maintenance.

Paying attention to lawn mower maintenance — particularly for riding mowers — can pay off in many ways. It increases your mower's performance, reliability and even durability.

Take care of scheduled maintenance before something becomes an issue and costs you big bucks.

Black-eyed Susans a bright idea for any garden

Few flowers embrace the face of the summer sun quite as well as black-eyed Susan. Her daisy flowers of golden yellow imbibe on heat as she serves up food for pollinators and joy for gardeners.

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