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Health and Fitness

'The best things in my life have come out of being curious'

URBANA — Of all the life lessons Deb Reardanz has picked up from the older adults of Clark-Lindsey Village, she'll tell you the one that stands out the most is how important relationships are.

People who have formed connections with other people and are still willing to make a new friend at 90 are the happiest, she said.

Different strokes, different folks

Gina Hieser grew up swimming and she loves the relaxing feeling of gliding through the water.

Kathy Sweedler: Mindful eating is a conscious approach to health


My New Year resolutions seem so far away. Was it only a month ago that I said I'd build new healthy habits?

Just 1 Question: Monticello's alternative seating

For those Monticello students who get antsy sitting in class, there's a seat for that. The only question is: Would you prefer a cozy couch, an exercise ball, a trampoline chair or something else?

UI study: Coffee add-ins come with a latte calories

URBANA — Your favorite mocha latte may be packing more extras into your cup than you realize, a new University of Illinois study suggests.

Viral outbreak of concern to rat owners

URBANA — Got a rat in your life — of the rodent kind?

A rare virus connected to two rat-breeding facilities in Illinois poses a low risk to the general population. But with an investigation ongoing, rat owners have being advised to use some precautions, according to the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

Good news, bad news from Vermilion County teens

DANVILLE — Abuse of prescription, synthetic and performance-enhancing drugs, over-the-counter medicine and methamphetamine among Vermilion County teens has decreased in the last two years, according to a recent survey of area high school students.

‘Hope is good medicine’

“The good news is, there is a treadmill.”

Chelsey Byers Gerstenecker/Family Life: Start those resolutions today


Happy New Year! Did you make a new year's resolution? In a poll done on New Year's Day this year by Statistic Brain, this is what people are focusing on this year:

On call? No, Presence ER doc's en route

CHAMPAIGN — What if you were injured with an ambulance on the way, and a doctor also rushed to your side?

That's already a reality in parts of Illinois, including this region, with Pro Ambulance being the latest to put a physician response vehicle on the road in an effort to bring more medical expertise where it's needed in the Champaign-Ur- bana and Danville com- munities.