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Preliminary hospital scores

The following is a list of preliminary scores indicating how Illinois hospitals ranked under Medicare’s Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program, which penalizes the poorest-performing hospitals — those scoring in the lowest 25 percent among all hospitals – with regard to their rates of hospital-acquired conditions – those conditions patients didn’t have when they arrived at the hospital

The benefits of intense exercise

Pushing yourself during an intense workout results in greater fitness benefits than lighter exercise, according to a new study.

Here is a link to The New York Times story about the study.

Massage therapy emerges as frequent second career

CHAMPAIGN — Ask Tamala Everett who would benefit from getting a massage, and she asks, who wouldn't?

Her clients bring their stress and aches and pains — and she knows after a massage, they always leave feeling better.

"Massage is good," Everett says. "More people need to be getting them for mental and physical health."

The Fit List

Here’s your of races for this weekend list. Have fun out there!

Weekend of June 21-22:
Microbrew Mile

4-H camp to reopen following illness outbreak

The 4-H Memorial Camp in Monticello is expected to reopen next weekend after a sickness closed the camp this week.

Tigers on the prairie

Rob and Jennifer Kowalski learned about the Tigers on the Prairie running camp when their son Andrew had finished fourth grade. They thought it would be a way for Andrew to stay active in the summer and spend time with friends.

4-H campers sickened by norovirus; camp canceled for the week

MONTICELLO — The director of the 4-H Memorial Camp in Monticello said Saturday he felt he had no choice but to cancel the camp session scheduled to start Sunday after learning that it was norovirus that sickened campers and counselors.

The Fit List

Running, biathlons, triathlons, bike rides — take your pick. Here’s your list:

Weekend of June 14-15:
Lake Mingo Trail Run

Champaign duo launching diaper bank for area

CHAMPAIGN — If babies could talk, they'd probably say spending a lot of time in wet diapers isn't very comfortable. But for some babies, the family budget just doesn't stretch far enough for a dry day.

Joy and Susan George, a Champaign mom and daughter, are looking to come to the rescue by starting The Bottom Line Diaper Bank of East-Central Illinois.

The Fit List

I’ll be running around in the woods, trying to dodge the ticks and poison ivy, this weekend. But you can run a new 5K/10K in Arthur (and get free entry into the community pool afterward) or run a timed mile at The High School of St. Thomas More. Here’s your list:

Weekend of June 7-8:
Ty’s Dash ‘n Splash Memorial Run

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