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Firefighters use new tools to rescue man

URBANA – Firefighters put their new rescue system to work quickly Wednesday afternoon when walls of a 6-foot trench collapsed, partially burying a Forrest man who was working in it.

Enrique Salinas walked out 30 tense minutes later under his own power to report to ambulance workers waiting to check his condition. He was treated at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana and later released.

Some educators forget summer break, take on second jobs

To watch Jim Moncrief fishing with a group of kids on a recent morning at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana, it is clear he is a teacher.

He baits their hooks, helps them cast their lines, reminds them to carry their fishing poles straight up so they don't hook each other, poses them for pictures with their catches.

Picture brighter for two Provena hospitals

URBANA – With one of the two hospitals under his watch turning a profit and the other losing considerably less money than it did a year ago, David Bertauski may be just what the doctor ordered for Provena Health's financially ailing Central Illinois region.

Last year, Provena's Covenant Medical Center in Urbana and United Samaritans Medical Center in Danville lost a combined $6.8 million – with Covenant's $10 million loss wiping out a gain in excess of $3 million at United Samaritans.

Enforcement plan in place for smoking ban

URBANA – With only 11 days to go before Urbana restaurants must become smoke-free, the city and the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District have reached a tentative agreement on how they'll jointly enforce the smoking ban.

The biggest emphasis will be on education, with several city officials planning to fan out across the city next week to visit 53 Urbana restaurants to explain the smoking ban in detail to restaurant owners and managers.

A shot at stopping cervical cancer

CHAMPAIGN – Dr. Robert Scully has seen the devastating effects of cervical cancer on women and their families, so he's optimistic about a newly approved vaccine that promises protection against the disease.

So optimistic, in fact, that Health Alliance Medical Plans – the Urbana managed-care company of which Scully is chief medical officer – already decided to offer its members coverage for the new vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

Doctors' group causing Provena's deficit

URBANA – Provena Covenant Medical Center is operating in the red for a fourth straight year, but the losses this year are all in Provena's fledgling local doctors' group, hospital officials say.

Five months into the current year, the hospital itself was running at a $1.1 million profit, and is on track to end the year with a positive balance, said Chief Executive David Bertauski.

Secondhand smoke proven to cause breathing troubles

URBANA – Longtime restaurant owner John Schmitt looks back and figures he probably just didn't realize what was causing all those eye and sinus irritations that were plaguing him for years.

It wasn't until he got really sick with acute bronchitis in 2004 that he learned the culprit was secondhand smoke.

Health district considered as possible option for smoking enforcement

URBANA – Implementation of an indoor smoking ban in Urbana is only weeks away, but city officials are still working out exactly how the ordinance will be enforced.

Both Champaign and Urbana, which have both passed smoking bans, say their preferred solution would be to have the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District enforce the smoking ban.

UI Ag researchers look 50 years ahead

Models of the expected impact from global warming in the next 50 years have assumed that a warmer climate and drier soil would be bad for crops in many parts of the world, East Central Illinois among them.

Swing brings smiles for Champaign handicapped

CHAMPAIGN – Pure, unbridled joy.

The simple act of swinging through the air, something most children take for granted, delighted residents of the Swann Special Care Center on Thursday as they tested a new swing made especially for the disabled.

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