Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

No link to Legionnaires' disease found at Danville motel

The public health administrator of the Vermilion County Health Department said the agency is relieved that there is no evidence of Legionnaires' disease at a motel in Danville.

Taking the scenic route

Julie Sweet of Savoy became intrigued with Yosemite National Park when she got into rock climbing.

Helping families in a complex world

Some good news emerged recently from the annual report on the well-being of America’s children.

Teen pregnancy is down, continuing a long-term trend. Binge drinking among high school students has dropped. More children have health insurance, and the percentage of teens smoking is the lowest since 1980.

Danville hotel checked for link to Legionnaires' disease cases

DANVILLE — State health officials are trying to determine whether three out-of-town residents who contracted Legionnaires' disease can trace the illness back to a Danville-area hotel.

Just 1 Question: Cardiovascular health at Mahomet-Seymour

Mahomet-Seymour students now know exactly how much they need to sweat in order to meet their maximum heart rate.

And get a good grade in the process.

Punching out Parkinson's

The people working out in this Champaign gym punch speed bags with their boxing gloves.

UI-led review finds brain-training companies' studies lacking

CHAMPAIGN — Are you playing brain-training games to boost your mental sharpness at work or school or help you remember to take your medicine?

Don't rely on what you learn in the games to transfer to real-life activities, a University of Illinois-led team of researchers advise after an extensive two-year review of 132 studies used by brain-training game companies and their supporters.

Beth Peralta: Cranberries give your fall menu a burst of tart flavor

By Beth Peralta

As the weather cools down, pumpkin often gets much of the food attention this time of year. However, there are other top-notch flavors that are delicious and pack a nutritious punch! This month, add cranberries to your plate for a flavorful, tart treat.

Space on monument to Olympians, Paralympians has filled up fast

CHAMPAIGN — With five new medal-winning athletes, the Tribute to Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Monument is running out of space for names.

"And that's good news," says Champaign Park District Executive Director Joe DeLuce.