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Health and Fitness

'Floating support group' tackling cancer with even strokes

CHAMPAIGN — As a recent breast-cancer survivor and psychotherapist, Kelly Bradham knows how much she and her fellow survivors need exercise and mutual support, and she hasn't let living in a landlocked community stop her from finding both those things in a boat.

A 42-foot-long pink dragon boat, to be exact.

Care to join her?

Rules of the ride

While most bicyclists know they need to follow the rules of the road, exactly how to interpret those rules and navigate the infrastructure to accommodate bicycles can be confusing to cyclists, drivers and police.

How traffic laws affect cyclists is becoming increasingly important because more people are commuting by bicycle.

Senior (building) boom

SAVOY — In a cozy, one-bedroom apartment furnished with some of their longtime belongings and family pictures on the walls, Ralph and Sue Ambler cuddle up next to each other on the couch and reminisce.

The Fit List

Don’t forget your costume for this weekend’s Allerton Trail Run! Here’s your list:


On a running high

One runner eagerly heads out the door for a 10-mile run, while his or her neighbor is done after 1 or 2 miles — or skips the run completely in favor of enjoying a cup of coffee.

To Your Health: October is month for apples to shine

By Irisha Clark

Did you know October is National Apple Month? Originally founded in 1904 as National Apple Week, it has since been expanded to the entire month. It is the only national, generic apple promotion conducted in the United States.

The Fit List

Fall gives us the best running weather of the year, so get outside. The Fit List has your weekend races:

UI prof: 'Mandatory sitting' needs 'office revolution'

URBANA — Chances are you're sitting down while you're reading this.

Experts have warned we all sit too much — in our cars, on the job and at our homes — putting us at increased risk for disease and death. We know we need more time on our feet, but standing around the dinner table doesn't have quite the same appeal.

The Fit List

Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon this weekend!


Some young female athletes who are training hard to build strong bodies and be competitive in their sports could also be jeopardizing their health with their eating habits.

Young women training at a high level who don't eat enough calories lose body mass and bone density, putting them at risk for frail bones and fractures later in life.