Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

The Fit List

Apparentely summer has finally arrived. It’s going to be a hot and humid weekend, so be sure to take it easy and drink a lot if you are running or cycling. Here’s your list of races:

Weekend of Aug. 23-24:
C-U Across the Prairie

The Fit List

Looking for a race? Here’s your list:

Friday, Aug. 15:
Atwood Apple Dumpling 5K

Actor's death renews call to fight depression

The death of actor Robin Williams has again raised awareness of depression and substance abuse, and a local mental health expert has advice for individuals who may be coping with depression or who want to help others deal with depression.

Running in the Wild

When Neena Tripathy and Wendy Balthazor were planning to run the Big Five Marathon in the Entabeni Game Reserve, a private game reserve in northern South Africa, they didn’t really expect to see much game on the course. Certainly not a lion, even though the marathon is named for the “big five” game animals in Africa: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceros and buffalo.

Disease-carrying mosquitoes spotted in area counties

CHAMPAIGN — Asian tiger mosquitoes, which can carry the chikungunya virus, are turning up in Champaign County for a fourth summer in a row and have also been found in Vermilion County, public health officials said.

These mosquitoes that bite mostly during the daytime haven’t spread the disease in Illinois so far, officials said.

Weekend Update: Something to howl about

Kennekuk County Park will be busy in early September for the first Phases of the Moon Festival. But the beautiful park just north of Kickapoo State Park west of Danville also has plenty of activities going on today: 'Cheeseburgers and Fun,' the Howl at the Moon 8 Hour Run/Walk and the seventh annual Bunker Hill Run car show and Cruise to the VA. Here's a rundown on all the fun:

The Fit List

Good luck to everyone running for eight hours at Howl at the Moon this weekend at Kennekuk County Park. For those of you looking for a race to run, here’s your list:

Weekend of Aug. 9-10:

The Fit List

Good luck to the St. Jude Champaign to Peoria runners this weekend! If you are in downtown Champaign this evening, be sure to cheer them on. They’ll leave from downtown at 6 p.m. to start their run to Peoria. Here’s your list of races:

Friday, Aug. 1:
Midnight Mayhem

More than a workout

Denise Warner of Tolono tried exercising to workout videos. She tried various group fitness classes. She tried an online beginning running program (for a month). None of it stuck.

Last December, Warner tried the Chix in Training fitness program in Savoy, at the suggestion of a friend. She hasn’t missed a session since she began.

The Fit List

Here’s your list of races. Now go have fun!

Friday, July 25:
Deitweiller at Dark