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The Fit List

The races are fewer this time of year, but the weather is still good so you have no excuse not to get out there.

Chelsey Byers: What's this brain health craze all about?

By Chelsey Byers/University of Illinois Extension

If I asked you what do you think about when I say "health," what first comes to mind? This is how I often open up my Brain Health Series program. Most people first and foremost think about physical health, eating well and exercise. What many of us are not thinking about is our cognitive health.

The Fit List

It’s the Thanksgiving edition of The Fit List. Get your turkey trot on here.


Parkland hosting event for survivors of suicide loss

CHAMPAIGN — The Parkland College Counseling and Advising Center will host an International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day program from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday in Room U140 of the Student Union.

Burn calories on Thanksgiving -- not your feast

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it seems fitting that I should start the day with one of my favorite activities — running.

To Your Health: Keeping up the fight against child obesity

By Irisha Clark

The program that brings our children school meals is currently going through review by the U.S. Congress. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 was set to expire this past September, so the act is up for reauthorization.

The Fit List

Ready to run? Here’s your list of upcoming races:


'Floating support group' tackling cancer with even strokes

CHAMPAIGN — As a recent breast-cancer survivor and psychotherapist, Kelly Bradham knows how much she and her fellow survivors need exercise and mutual support, and she hasn't let living in a landlocked community stop her from finding both those things in a boat.

A 42-foot-long pink dragon boat, to be exact.

Care to join her?

Rules of the ride

While most bicyclists know they need to follow the rules of the road, exactly how to interpret those rules and navigate the infrastructure to accommodate bicycles can be confusing to cyclists, drivers and police.

How traffic laws affect cyclists is becoming increasingly important because more people are commuting by bicycle.

Senior (building) boom

SAVOY — In a cozy, one-bedroom apartment furnished with some of their longtime belongings and family pictures on the walls, Ralph and Sue Ambler cuddle up next to each other on the couch and reminisce.