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Health and Fitness

Emotions, stress can cause broken heart syndrome

CHAMPAIGN — You thought the love would last forever, and now your heart hurts so much you can barely breathe.

A broken heart can mend over time, to be sure. But sometimes when love hurts, you need to get to a doctor without delay.

Intense emotional reactions and major stress can bring on broken heart syndrome, a condition that can mimic a heart attack.

Yoga's 'calming' influence

This yoga class takes place in a gym, on a tiled floor beneath a basketball hoop, rather than at a yoga studio. The mats are padded gym mats instead of the usual flat, sticky yoga mats.

The doors in the building are locked, with staff buzzed in and out.

Class aims to help smokers quit

CHAMPAIGN — Carletta Donaldson was a smoker for nearly four decades, until a landmark birthday coming up galvanized her to say "enough."

"I was just tired of smoking," she recalls.

Amazing Challenge offers healthy competition

CHAMPAIGN — Workplace wellness programs may make for healthier employees, and now there's a program available free that incorporates friendly competition and teamwork.

Jumping for joy

Get Delaney Walsh on a trampoline and she flies.

The Champaign teen jumps high above the trampoline, then rotates, with her legs tucked, 1 1/2 times. She kicks her legs out, gets another bounce on the trampoline, then flips twice with her legs straight — a half out tuck and double straight combination.

It’s the latest tumbling skill she’s been working to perfect.

The Fit List

That windchill is brutal. But you can still race if you want. Races are still a little scarce, but there’s a few coming up in February.
Here’s what I’ve got:

Weekend of Jan. 25-26:
Nearly Naked Mile

Take a walk in their shoes

In the interest of trying new things (as I wrote about in my last column), I tried snowshoeing for the first time last week.

Leia Kedem: Eating well on a smaller scale


I opened one of my cookbooks a few nights ago and realized that my recipes are mocking me.

OK, maybe that's a bit harsh, but think about it: Most are written to make four servings or more, suggesting that we should be eating that meal with family or at least a gaggle of friends. But what about the singletons out there?

The Fit List

The Siberian Express should live up to its name this weekend. The temps look like they’ll be pleasant, but it will be a snowy trail! See you there.
The Fit List will appear sporadically during the next month or so, depending on the race calendar. I’ll update for February races. In the meantime, here’s the list for January weekends:

Weekend of Jan. 4-5:

To your health: Typical resolutions won't help you get healthy


As you read this, I, like many of you, am reflecting on the choices I have made in the 12 months past.

Have we made healthier food choices and stuck with your exercise routine? Have we spent less money and saved more? Built stronger relationships with loved ones?