Health Care

Health Care

Graduation speech will be worth hearing

URBANA — When 5-year-old Makenzie Rivera delivers her speech at today's 2015 Carle Auditory and Oral School promotion ceremony, the crowd will never be able to tell that just a few short months ago, she couldn't say more than two words at a time.

$10 million gift giving med school Jump-start

URBANA — The first major gift to the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine will also create the first concrete example of the school's engineering-based medical curriculum.

AUDIO: Carle looking to stop rising ER wait times

WDWS reporter Scott Beatty recently had an unscheduled visit to the emergency room at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana. Don't worry...he's fine. But his wait there that day prompted a look into waiting times in Carle's emergency department. Here's Scott with more.

Tech firm gives $10 million to new UI med school

URBANA — The new College of Medicine at the University of Illinois has received its first major gift, a $10 million donation from the financial technology firm Jump Trading.

Top of the morning, June 29, 2015: From the archives

Was it really just three years ago?

On June 29, 2012, The News-Gazette led with coverage of a Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

The Associated Press recounted the decision, which upheld the law.

DEBRA PRESSEY wrote a story looking at the potential aftermath.

With court defeat, GOP health law effort now aimed at '16

ALAN FRAM, Associated Press

Third time's the charm for Number 900

URBANA — Tandra Perkins has given herself a new nickname — T-900.

And she's feeling pretty good about that number, because it marks a milestone at the hospital where she got a new kidney and launched a new life, saying goodbye to 13 years on dialysis.

Ingrum on WDWS: Obamacare to stay intact for now

The head of Urbana-based Health Alliance says the ruling by the supreme court allowing people to keep their insurance subsidies under the health care law makes it unlikely that there can be any significant change in the law, at least for now.

Obama remarks on Supreme Court ruling

Transcript, provided by the White House, of President Obama's remarks on the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

Walter Payton Liver Center opens clinic in Naperville

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (AP) — Patients with liver diseases in Chicago's western suburbs have more convenient access to care through a new clinic in Naperville named for Walter Payton.