UI hoping to boost cell reception, eventually add Web access at Memorial Stadium

CHAMPAIGN — You're at the big game, trying to upload a selfie to Instagram or text your friends across the stadium — along with 40,000 other people. No signal — too much cell traffic in one place for the network to handle.

Illinois Ancestors: ISGS posts 1812 Pension Match Challenge

The Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) has announced that it is supporting the Federation of Genealogical Societies' (FGS) "Preserve The Pensions" campaign by issuing the ISGS War of 1812 Pension Match Challenge.

ISGS will match any donation up to the first $10,000 that is made before Jan. 31, 2015.

Study: Social media users shy away from opinions

ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press

Playing it Forward

URBANA — As an independent video game designer, Luke Schneider has learned what works — and what doesn't — when it comes to selling games.

Over the last four years, Schneider's company, Urbana-based RadianGames, has issued nearly a dozen games, most available at app stores for download.

Rich Warren: Call center success gets lost in translation

Earlier this month, Comcast announced changes to the signs on the iconic 30 Rockefeller Center in New York from GE to Comcast, since Comcast now owns NBC — one of the major tenants of that landmark.

It was built as the RCA building when RCA owned NBC. In 1986 GE bought RCA, mainly for its rich patent portfolio, ultimately spinning off NBC.

Illinois Ancestors: Site aids research in German Lutheran records

Church records can often be most helpful to genealogists, and anyone seeking information on German Lutheran records in Chicago can be helped by consulting

Ask 'Mimi' Aug. 17, 2014

From an online archive of history to Urbana's acoustic open-mic, Melissa "Mimi" Merli has you covered.

Where can I access The HistoryMakers archives?

Rich Warren: Local connection brings much satisfaction

Everyone pile on Comcast!

Face it, Comcast is the business you love to hate, sort of like combining the old phone company monopoly, the power company and throw in computer tech support for seasoning.

If Lily Tomlin revised her Ernestine skit today, she would be working for Comcast.

Unlike the old Bell system or the power company, Comcast is not a monopoly.

Rich Warren: Can't stay quiet about television sound levels

One of our online readers decries fluctuating TV sound levels.

Illinois Ancestors: Genealogist tracks digitized newspapers

California genealogist Larry Parker recently learned of many websites having digitized newspapers and forwarded his list to Richard Eastman for his online genealogy newsletter.