To Your Health: Aphrodisiacs can really spice up your love life

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

They say sex sells, and ain't that the truth? Yet so many people shy away from discussing it in public. And seeking help when there's trouble in the bedroom? Yeah, right. Like any other aspect of health, we're quick to look for cure-alls.

Dieticians: Kids need less sodium

CHAMPAIGN — What do kids want for lunch and dinner?

Often it's the convenient, kid-friendly stuff like hot dogs, packaged pastas, pizza and chicken nuggets, all of which actually aren't so friendly when it comes to how much sodium they contain.

To Your Health: What's so super about 'superfoods'?

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

What do kale, dark chocolate, red wine, pumpkin, salmon, flax, walnuts and broccoli all have in common? They regularly appear grouped together as "superfoods."

Top of the Morning, Sept. 13, 2014

Things lean and mean STEVE WARNS won't do after finishing today's Crazy K at the Champaign County Fairgrounds (preview, B-1):

— Party. "I will be more interested in going to bed," he said.

— Show off a first-place ribbon. "Me and my knocked knees aren't going to set any records," he said. "But barring any major broken bones, I WILL finish."

To Your Health: What's the secret to winning the battle of the bulge?

By Leia Kedem

Dietitians don't always have the answers. We know what foods to eat and in what amounts for certain conditions, but it's not as cut-and-dried as just following the diet, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Researchers hope to give condiments a health boost

URBANA — Spices and condiments may be capable of doing more than beefing up the flavor of foods.

Researchers are working on fortifying some of these commonly used products, such as soy sauce and curry powder, to help make up vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries around the world.

To Your Health: 'Chemical' not bad word, and 'natural' means nothing

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

Health district to open milk donors' depot Friday

CHAMPAIGN — Nursing mothers with extra milk to spare will have a convenient place to bring it, starting Friday.

That's when the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District's Milk Depot is set to open, with several donor moms expected to bring in breast milk for a christening ceremony at 10 a.m., according to Heather Ludwig, a nutritionist and lactation consultant for the health district.

To Your Health: Nutrition tips for guys

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

To Your Health: Store shelves loaded with milk alternatives

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension