More children receiving free or reduced-price meals in school

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To your health: Breaking down the myth of acidity in your diet

By Leia Kedem/University of Illinois Extension

When you hear "acid" or "acidic," you probably don't think of good outcomes. More likely, you're reminded of the burning sensation of lemon juice coming in contact with a cut on your finger. Or perhaps you think of the terrible heartburn you get after eating tomatoes.

Danville school district considers expelling unhealthy snacks

DANVILLE — When the dismissal bell rings Tuesday, a number of Danville High School students will follow the scent of cheese and pepperoni to the Clock Tower building.

There, members of the Young Women Aware program will be selling piping hot slices of Little Caesars pizza to hungry students — and teachers — to eat on their way home or to an after-school activity.

To Your Health: How to find new ways to stick with old goals

By Leia Kedem

During this season of renewal, it's a good time to take stock with your health goals. Even if you've been successful in the past, a healthy lifestyle has ups and downs. The phrase "what's old is new again" can apply to food and exercise just as much as fashion trends.

To Your Health: Boost brainpower with familiar foods

By Leia Kedem

Do you blame your aging brain for forgetting someone's name? Billions of brain cells can get bogged down with age, making it harder to keep up with cognitive demands like remembering where you left your car keys. Or whether your friend's cousin is named Dave or Dan.

Free information event for diabetes patients

CHAMPAIGN — Carle will host a free information event for diabetes patients from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday (March 19) at Champaign's Hilton Garden Inn, 1501 S. Neil St.

It will include hors d'oeuvres and exhibits starting at 5:30 and TV personality chef Curtis Aikens demonstrating how to make low-carb, full-flavor dishes and sharing healthful recipes at 6:30.

To Your Health: Feeding your brain can provide sleep, health benefits

By Leia Kedem

Feed your brain for better sleep and health

To Your Health: What to consider before going 'nuts' for coconut

By Leia Kedem

All these grey skies have most of us craving a tropical escape — white sands, palm trees, the sweet scent of coconut. Luckily, the latter's surge in popularity has led to the release of scores of coconut products. Coconut oil, milk, water — the (sunny) sky's the limit. And based on what you may have heard, the health benefits of coconut could be just as limitless.

Dan Corkery: Sense of vindication for retired UI biochemist

If you're eating an egg this morning, feel good about it.

Fred Kummerow, the retired-but-still-working biochemist at the University of Illinois, certainly does. He's been saying for decades that eggs are not a nutritional bogeyman, nor are other foods containing saturated fats and cholesterol.

Now, other scientists are agreeing with him. Sort of.